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Trump $500B Black America plan designates KKK, Antifa as 'terrorist organizations'

  1. Sounds about right
  2. What about blm?
  3. I like the sentiment, but can't these groups just change their names to get around the designation?
  4. Are we ever going to realize that throwing money at black issues does not change anything?
  5. Blacks pay less then their fair share of taxes compared to their use of government resources. Another half trillion is disgusting. Memo to Trump: blacks vote Democrat, no matter what you give away to them. Dumb dumb
  6. He's pandering for votes, plain and simple.

    He also should have saved this for the first debate. Now Creepy Sleepy Hidin Joe Biden is just going to plagiarize again.
  7. I'm afraid your right. It's not a deal breaker for me but I'm a little disappointed. That's more what I would have expected from a career politician.
  8. While the KKK and BLM (which he didn't mention) are actual organizations, ANTIFA is not. I'm not sure how you proclaim it a terrorist group when it isn't even a group, per se. It is a movement, albeit a very dangerous one.
  9. Much of this can certainly be placed squarely in the pandering category, but some of it is actual reform that needs to be addressed. More school choice is critical. We know this because the left and the teachers unions oppose it so vehemently.

    On a side note, it appears to have been very poorly proofed. Some of it appears to have been written by someone with the cognitive ability of Joe Biden. Or maybe it's just me.
  10. Seems to me it’s designed as a challenge the Democrats: just what here do y’all disagree with?

    Which is why BLM isn’t listed as a terrorist organization. That will be done the day after he wins, if he wins. (And if there is a ‘day after’.)
  11. Which KKK there are dozens that have popped up due to internal politics.
  12. How can you promise 500,000 new businesses? Are they considering independent freelance pharmacists in the numbers?
  13. Good. Treat them as foreign terrorists on our soil.

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  14. Give it another election cycle or two and the Republicans will be full on for reparations…
  15. It is a political solution to a practical problem: throw money at it.
  16. This is such an ignorant statement. Take a deep breath and Be better than this!
  17. That's some yuge vote pandering. The best vote pandering. So, will lynching be more illegal when Trump gets re-elected? Is that important...are there lots of lynchings going on that are not being reported? What does this do to Antifa that can't already be done?

    We could just split the $500 billion up amongst the black population and give them cash. How about reparations...oh never mind...he's there. ****ty, but won't make me not vote for him. I bite my tongue when it comes to his spending.
  18. Yes. Moreover, when "Antifa" was sued in one federal jurisdiction, the people said Antifa was not an organization.

    Time to roll out meaningless campaign promises, I guess.
  19. It's a Democratic solution.
  20. I don't understand it.

    My black college roommate graduated high school as 2.5 GPA student and was given a full scholarship. He failed out of school.

    Another black college friend barely graduated college...and I mean the last grade posted from his last senior class needing a passing grade type of barely.he was recruited into one of the most sought after fast track management training programs (remember those) at the time from M&I bank in Milwaukee. Those jobs in the early 90's started in the low 40's with options. He made it through the 8 month program and lasted precisely 365 days.

    When will white guilt be paid for?
  21. Meaningless campaign slogans seem to work well on Democrat voters. Perhaps Trump is just trying to peel some off for himself.
  22. Disappointing.
  23. Maybe allocate some money to ‘Culture Modification’ classes.

  24. A load of virtue signaling nonsense that benefits only the Leftists.

    Trump (and any conservative who supports this) is playing into the Leftists' hands.

    1) The Leftists consider "lynching" to be any instance where a minority (or member of any other Leftist favored group such as LBGTQXYZ etc) is killed by a White person. The Leftists consider Trayvon Martin to have been "lynched." They consider Ahmaud Arbery to have been "lynched." They consider the pedophile who was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha to have been "lynched."

    If "lynching" becomes a "national hate crime", don't be surprised when YOU are convicted and sentenced to LIFE in prison if you ever have to shoot a minority (or member of any other Leftist favored group) in self-defense.

    For all the "BiDeN iS tHe ReAl RaCiSt" virtue signalers who are excited about this plan, get ready to to enjoy spending the rest of your life in prison as a convicted "hate criminal" after you shoot a minority who is trying to kill YOU or your family.

    But hey, at least you got to gloat on Facebook about "owning the libs" and how "Biden is the real racist", right?

    Oh well. Hopefully spending the rest of YOUR life in prison was worth a few minutes of gloating on Facebook.

    2) The government currently is not allowed by law to designate Americans as "terrorists." This is a VERY GOOD thing. If this idiotic plan becomes law, get ready for the next Democrat POTUS to declare as "terrorists" Trump/MAGA supporters, the NRA, GOA, Qanon followers, anti-abortion groups, Christians who don't want their preschoolers brainwashed into becoming transgender, anyone who doesn't want creepy men using the girl's bathroom, anyone who complains about immigration, anyone who criticizes Islam, anyone who criticizes BLM, etc etc etc etc.

    But hey, at least you got to gloat on Facebook about a few Antifa losers getting thrown in jail, right?

    Hopefully those few minutes of gloating on Facebook are worth the cost of YOU being declared a "domestic terrorist" by President Cuomo/Newsom/Michelle.

    Once the Dems get a nationwide red flag law passed, YOU will lose your right to own guns, too.

    But at least you got to gloat on Facebook about a few Antifa members getting put in jail! It's worth it, right?

    3) Republicans have been trying to get Black people to vote R since the 1950s with no significant success. Is this $500 billion bribe really going to work?

    4) White working class Trump/MAGA supporters in the opioid-ravaged heartland will be absolutely thrilled to hear that Donald is spending $500 billion on people who didn't even vote for him.
  25. The internal polling must not be showing a "YuUuUuGe FiFtY sTaTe HiStOrIc LaNdSlIdE" if Donald is pandering and virtue signaling with a $500 Billion (!!!) bribe to Black voters a month before the election.

    Unfortunately, this nonsense won't win over any significant number of Black voters, but it WILL probably cause disillusioned and disappointed White voters to stay home.

    Is this what we can look forward to in a 2nd Trump term? Pandering to every group that didn't vote for him?

    What's next? A $500 Billion dollar plan to combat Islamophobia? A $500 Billion dollar plan to brainwash preschoolers into becoming transgender?

    I hope a lot of MAGA voters call/email the Trump campaign and tell them to knock it off with this nonsense.

    This $500 Billion bribe is what I'd expect from Jeb Bush or John McCain.

  26. White working class voters in opioid-ravaged flyover country who are struggling to put food on the table for their family and pay their mortgage will be absolutely THRILLED to hear that Donald is spending $500 BILLION on a group of people who mostly hate him and didn't even vote for him.

    Is Trump (or whoever convinced him this is a good idea - probably Kushner or Ivanka) actually TRYING to lose the election?
  27. Sounds like some BS he's throwing out for the election.

    That lynching act, for example, will be used 100 times against urban black folks for every one time it's used against a "white supremacist" like people are thinking.

    Still, if we can turn black voters against the communist party, it's well worth it.

  28. No it isn't.

    How would you feel if you are a parent who works hard and saves $ for years to buy a home in a good school district or send your kids to a private school, and then YOUR tax dollars pay for a bunch of thugs from the ghetto to start attending that school and ruin it with their bad behavior?

    "School choice" is basically the educational equivalent of building low-income housing in a nice peaceful neighborhood.

    What's next? "Neighborhood Choice" where people from the ghetto can choose any neighborhood they want to live in, and the government buys them a house there?

    Inner city schools are trash because the students misbehave, commit crimes, and don't want to learn. That might not be politically correct, but it's the truth.

    The problem with inner city schools is the inner city students. If you give them "school choice" and let them attend good suburban schools, they will just ruin those schools too.
  29. Yep.

    In 10 years (maybe 5), we will be hearing about "the conservative case for pedophilia" and how we need to stop being intolerant so we can attract the crucial pedophile vote.

    "Pedophiles are natural conservatives! They will love our plan to cut taxes and grow the economy! Democrats are the REAL anti-pedophiles!"


    Republicans are basically Democrats driving a few miles per hour slower.

    Today's Republicans are basically the Democrats of 10-15 years ago.

    Example: When Barack Obama ran for POTUS in 2008, he was opposed to homosexual marriage. That's right. Obama opposed homosexual marriage in 2008.

    But today, most Republicans are supportive of LBGTQXYZ marriage, because "It DoEsN't BoThEr Me! I'm NoT a HoMoPhObE!" :rolleyes:

    Is there ANYTHING the Republican Party won't surrender on?

    I thought Trump was different.

    I guess not.
  30. ridiculous. pandering for a few more votes.

  31. Neither Antifa or the KKK are foreign. How can they be considered foreign terrorists? That doesn't make sense.

    More importantly, if Trump can violate the Constitution to declare Antifa or KKK as "domestic terrorists" then President Kamala/Cuomo/Newsom/Michelle can violate the constitution to declare as "domestic terrorists" Trump supporters, MAGA supporters, NRA members, GOA members, Qanon believers, Christians who don't want their kids brainwashed into becoming transgender, anyone who opposes abortion, anyone who says something critical of LBGTQYXZ, anyone who criticizes Islam, anyone who wants less immigration, etc.

    Do you want the USA to become England?

    Because empowering the politicians and government bureaucrats to declare anyone they don't like a "domestic terrorist" is exactly how you become England.

    If you give the government the power to declare people you don't like as "domestic terrorists", the government can (and will) use that same power to declare YOU a "domestic terrorist."

    Just wait until the next Democrat president takes office.



  32. SPLC and all federal alphabet agencies (deep state) are pumping out FAKE daily intel to local law enforcement blaming White Supremacists, Militias and Second Amendment groups for Portland, Lexington and other violence protests in cities. Yet the true cause being BLM, Antifa and Soros are not spoken of.

  33. Well, hold on friend, cuz this is just the "Black America" package. There are also "White America", "Latino America", and "Asian America" packages coming, each proportional in size to the population of the respective demographic.

    (No, not really.)

  34. Never.

    The Leftists hate you simply for existing.
  35. He "forgot" blm for obvious political reasons. They should head the list.
  36. Well, the good news is he's using his vast power to make June-teenth a national holiday.
  37. Your ignorance and bias on this subject is so breathtaking as to not even be worth responding to.
  38. Fortunately, when Biden wins the election, he'll shut this down quickly, so the $500 billion can be used for more important things.
  39. You think Antifa are "anyone they don't like?"

    Clearly you have not been paying attention.

    They are well-organized, well-funded, domestic anarchists who are using fear, rioting, murder and political blackmail to try to overthrow our form of government and install a socialist regime based on Marxist principles.

    Domestic terrorists indeed.

    Now the Patriot Act did offer a definition of what a Domestic Terrorist is, however this has not yet been challenged in court and is not likely to stand up.

    I can guarantee you that the Trump administration has traced funding for Antifa to organizations outside the US - likely Soros funded organizations located outside the US to avoid scrutiny by the IRS - and THIS ALONE defines these groups as externally funded and qualifies they as International Terrorist organizations.
  40. This. I would have said "Anarchists and Anarchy". ANTIFA just means "anti-fascists", not necessarily anarchist or anarchy. I fear the writing of this bill missed the mark in this regard.

  41. A bunch of 18 year old losers smashing windows and burning things does not equal "terrorists" by any reasonable definition of the word.

    And when was the last terrorist attack committed by the KKK?

    If Trump can declare Antifa or KKK to be "domestic terrorists", the next Democrat POTUS can declare anyone they don't like (even YOU) to be a "domestic terrorist."

  42. Trump's own Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, thinks that "white supremacists" are the most "persistent and lethal" domestic terrorists.

    I guess he's been asleep during all the Antifa and BLM riots.

    If even a Republican Secretary of Homeland Security is more concerned about "white supremacists" than Antifa/BLM, get ready for the next Democrat administration to use Trump's "anyone I don't like is a terrorist" law to crush conservatives, patriots, MAGA supporters, Qanon believers, etc.

    This "anyone the government doesn't like is a terrorist" law is a Trojan horse, just like the Patriot Act.

    Short-sighted conservatives support it because they think it will only be used against people they don't like, only to be surprised when the government uses it against THEM.

    Here's Trump's DHS Secretary Chad Wolf in his own words. Super concerned about "white supremacists", but no mention of BLM or Antifa:


    Any conservative who supports this proposed "anyone the government doesn't like is a terrorist" law is being played.

    Get ready for the law to be used against YOU by the next Democrat POTUS.

    Don't say you weren't warned.
  43. BLM is a terrorist organization
  44. Normally I’d agree with you 100% but in the case of DJT he’s dead serious about helping the black community as evidenced by what he’s done already. Black conservatives are a growing segment of voters and their voices are getting louder.
    We have a sitting Communist in the statehouse in N.C. simply because the rural population of our state couldn’t overcome the well oiled machine of getting the voters in our large cities to the polls.
    Whittling down the Democrats % of the black community will have profound effects on State and National elections.
  45. Nope. These are not the black voters that he’s talking to. These would be the Uncle Toms, Coons, sellouts according to liberal blacks.
  46. I’ve lived in the rural Deep South for 53 years and never once has any “member” of a white supremacy group confided in me that such a group even existed. Given my openly right wing leanings I have no doubt that if the KKK was as prevalent as some wrongly suggest I would have ran across it at least in passing but that’s just not the case. I have no issue with DJT declaring the KKK as a terrorist group but my contention is that Aunt-Tifa co-mingled with BLM activists is a far greater threat to racism and violence in America. We’re seeing countless acts of violence from these two groups but there’s not been one linching , one organized cross burning, anywhere in the USA.

  47. If the KKK effectively doesn't even exist and isn't committing any terrorist attacks, then why do you "have no issue with DJT declaring the KKK as a terrorist group"?

    Are you OK with the government declaring vaguely-defined groups that aren't even committing any terrorist acts as "domestic terrorists"?
  48. It's about what "they" (Republicans) will do in the future. Not what "he" (President) is doing now. The US isn't the fictitious town of Mayberry. Don't be so naive.