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Trueglo TFO or Trijicon or Mepro

  1. So what is it that is prfered by Glockies :cool:

    - Bigger size and sharp clarity of Truglo TFO
    - Smaller size and OK clarity of Trijicon
    - Meprolights

    I like the Truglo, but the size is a little bigger, also it shortens the sight distance a little bit (don;t know if that matters)

    So please suggest the best bang for the buck, for range and HD use.
  2. installed tfo all by meinself on my 23
    no complaints
  3. i like meprolights but thats just me. A shorter distance makes accuracy better every time but its all your preference.

    I've heard fiber optic ones are brighter but they are more prone to cracking
  4. I like the smaller Trijicon's myself. You might want to checkout the Ameriglo I-Dot Pros. I just put them on my Gen. 2 19 and they make my Trijicons look sickly. They are great competition sights because of the awesome front sight visibility. They are much better for quick target acquisition than the 3 dot system IMO. I got mine for about $80 delivered off EBAY. My FFL guy that installed them liked them so much that he became an Ameriglo dealer, and is now running them on his IDPA setup.
  5. I prefer Ameriglo "Operators." Fine no-outline rear viles with a white-outlined front sight vile. Makes lining up the sights in low/no light very easy but also keeps the rear sight from catching my eye's focus in the daylight.

    They're also good for one-hand manipulation drills unlike some of the more rounded rear sights.

    10% off with the "glocktalk" coupon code doesn't hurt, either.
  6. :dunno:

    Every Trijicon set I've had was crisp, crystal clear in low/no-light with no "haze". Wish I could say the same for the TruGlo set currently on my H&K.
  7. I've always prefered Mepro Lites

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  8. Ameriglo standard and operator sets have worked best for me. Good profile and bright/sharp dots. I have a set of TFOs as well, with no complaints.

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  9. I have had Truglo's, Trijicons, Mepros, and now Ameriglo I-Dot Pros (Which are my favorites as you can see in my previous post).

    It seems like the TruGlos were on the lower end of the quality spectrum compared to the rest. This is just my opinion and although they are priced right, I won't buy anymore. If I couldn't get I-Dot Pros and had to go back to a 3-dot system, it would Trijicon most likely.
  10. Out of the choices I would say the brightest is the TruGlo but I have known a few people who have had the front fiber optic come out, Id go with the Meprolights, I have used them and like them until I got the XS Big Dots.

  11. I prefer Trijicons myself but, YMMV.
  12. take a look at the Trijicon HD sights
  13. Thanks for the replies, so various choices :) I will see all of them more closely, I was thinking I will have a mandate but looks like I will have to do some detailed looking to see what I like.

    Where do I get the 10% coupon code.
  14. What's the code and where do you use it? I'm looking to get Idots or Operators for my G26.
  15. I have had mepros, trijis, ameriglos, and truglo tfos. I prefer the truglos. They are insanely bright in the daytime and nice and bright at night as well. Stout construction and have held up very well with EDC.
  16. Trijicon..just cause that's what i have. There pretty bright in low light and real bright in no light. I can't speak on the others, never tried them.
  17. There's a good deal through Google Offers for Optic's Planet that runs the next 2 days.

    Buy a $50 coupon voucher for $25 good through July 12, 2012. You get a number to apply in the "coupon code/promotional code" field when you're checking out and the $50 credit appears. Both Google Offers and Optic's Planet are safe to deal with.

    It pushed me off the fence into a set of Meprolight Tru-Dot's for my spanky new Glock 20SF. Optic's Planet had them for $82 plus free "value" shipping so $57 total. They also have some Ameriglo Classics and Trijicon Night Sight Sets.
  18. Trijicon are the brightest that I've used. The Meprolite sights are more visible to me during the day and the white outline in the sights doesn't seem to come off on the Mepro's like it does with the Trijicon's.

    Either will be fine and it's a matter of preference.

    I'm not a fan of any kind of fiber optic sights. I've had way to many break. Granted, they are still usable if the fiber optic rod breaks or comes For me however, they are way to fragile for anything but a range gun. They don't hold up to hard use.
  19. I am thinking of buying from Amazon, not sure yet, which one. My LGS does not have the latest ones (i-dot) etc, and the prices for the sites are higher than Amazon (plus the tax)

    Is there any dimensions I need to look for G 19 gen 4, I saw some discussions with 6.5 or 6.9
  20. Get yourself a "quality" set of night sights. TruGlo TFO's do NOT belong in the quality category. There are MUCH better sights out there...Trijicon, Meprolight, Ameriglo, Heine, etc.
  21. I just sent my G26 slide out to have a set of Ameriglo Operators installed. I'll check back in here when I try them out.
  22. I am getting

    - Ameriglo i-Dot (Not pro) $67
    - Ameriglo classic grn/grn (1 frnt/ 2 rear) $ 76
    - Meprolight tru dot $ 89

    What would be your choice ?

    Also if anyone has, how is the sight tool from Glockmeister $ 99, the vedio looks good, but is that strong and sturdy
  24. Whats the preference on color combination.

    green / orange

    I will use for range and SD, its not quite bright in the range,
  25. Of those three choices, I strongly prefer the AmeriGlo I-Dot. I owned the AmeriGlo I-Dot Pro sights for my G30SF 45ACP which are nearest to the AmeriGlo I-Dot choice you present. They were my favorite set of night sights among four types I've owned in the past. I wrote about the AmeriGlo I-Dot Pro sights in the post at the following link, including why I prefer green front and yellow rear:

  26. Thanks

    I have already read your review, but I am not getting the i-dot pro aywhere, only the i-dot, which brings the question of daylight sight picture of the i-dot vs the i-dot pro.

    What are your thoughts on that ?
  27. Below is a good photo comparison of the sight picture of the AmeriGlo I-Dot and the AmeriGlo I-Dot Pro in bright indoor office lighting. The I-Dot Pro front sight (ProGlo style) is even brighter in outdoor sunlight. There are more photos and reviews at jerkingthetrigger.com (links provided below).

    While I never owned the AmeriGlo I-Dot set with the white outline on the front sight, I owned and trained with other night sights with a very similar front sight for comparison (Warren Tactical 3-lamp and Sevigny Carry 2-lamp). The ProGlo front sight is very easy and fast to spot in the draw stroke under normal indoor and outdoor lighting.

    If you buy the AmeriGlo I-Dot set with the white outline front, there is the option to buy just the .220" high ProGlo front sight to match the I-Dot rear if you decide later to try it. The ProGlo front sight is available with either an orange or lime green ring. The lime green photographs with a definite yellow hue depending on the lighting (see examples 1 & 2).

    AmeriGlo I-Dot

    AmeriGlo I-Dot Pro
  28. Thnaks for that post, it gave me exactly what I was looking for, ordered the i-dot, will probably check it out and then see if the red dot is what i need or the white/grn is good enough. (that red dot sure shines out)