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What kind of truck do you drive? Got this 2021 Ram 2500 in November.
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2014 GMC Sierra w a 5.3. Great truck. V8, leather seats, double cab w a full sized bed, had the rolling tonneau cover when I bought it
Has a lot more power than previous GM trucks I had w the 5.3. I am surprised how solid it feels and drives.

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After 3 Raptors (2010 6.2L, 2014 6.2L and 2018 3.5L HO) I ordered 2 2021 Powerboost - XLT for work fleet truck and Platinum for self. Powers my home in the event of power outage, faster in a drag race than the Raptor and the Platinum has fully fold flat front seats that are heated, cooled with massage! Both have been solid performers so far.

MPG wise? You CAN get 24mpg city driving but any driving at highway speeds will bring that under 20mpg. Wanna tow something small, like a 2 sled trailer? You'll be under 14mpg post haste. Towing something large? Buy a SuperDuty.

Have had Chevy, RAM, Ford trucks as fleet vehicles over the years. The newest RAMs are very tight/nice but their price has also gone up significantly. Chevy? Meh... Don't care for the ones we've had.

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I'm gonna sell my Tundra and get an old square body Chevy. I'm thinking 3/4 ton with either no engine as I've most of the parts to build a rootin-snootin oval port 454 for it or whatever it comes with and later the 454.
I'm gonna sell my Tundra while I can get the most for it.
I'll never own a new truck again unless I win the lottery or something. Wasted money imo.
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