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Troy MRF-DI rails..

  1. Any one used these drop-in rails?

    I have a M&P15 OR model I would like to try these rails on.

    If so are they solid?

    I have the Eotech 512 mounted on the top and only rail on the rifle and need more rail space for light, sling, and vertical grip mounts.

    Any other recommendations welcome. :supergrin:
  2. Found some info with thread search, but any other input appreciated.
  3. I have the 7" and have no issues with it. It locks in with no movement and took 2 minutes to install. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.
  4. I've had one on my LMT for over a year now and I've had zero issues with it. I've had two lights on it (at the same time) and a VFG. No movement whatsoever.
  5. Love mine, rock solid and easy to install.
  6. :thumbsup:
    Troy's MRF-DI is GOOD TO GO! I bought one LNIB for a guy on another forum shipped $100.00. It fits on my Bushmaster like a dream. I used a little clear finger nail polish to lock the screws down. You will need a hand guard removal tool to help get it on.
  7. Just put one on my new LMT Defender and have to say I am impressed!! It has no movement at all and was a snap to install. Got mine from Primary Arms along with other things, have to say they are a great place to get parts from.
  8. I have one on my primary carbine (BCM) and just love it. I'm not sure why people go free float with such a great DI as Troy produces. If I ever put a rail on my Colt, it will be another Troy MRF DI.

    BCM 16" carbine with Troy MRF DI.
  9. Troy is OEM for the M&P15T.
  10. Sorry , OEM?:embarassed:
  11. Anybody ever try the Primary Arms DI carbine rails. At only 45.00 why not.
  12. Quick off topic question for Sarge...nice BCM, how is that front sling attached? Is it on the swivel that shipped with your upper?
  13. Looks like it's just the regular swivel attached to the stock FSP.
  14. Yes, for now. I have a MI HD swivel mount coming any day which I will mount to the rail on the left side. I don't like the current set-up. I wish BCM would add the side mount like Stag does but they don't.