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Trigger shoe

  1. Hey guys, I’m looking to replace the stock trigger in my 43X. I do not like it but don’t want to spend over 100$ on an apex or over watch when I won’t be using the polished bar or any minus connector. This is my carry weapon and I want internals to stay stock. That being said, i’m looking at three different triggers. 1. Lone wolf adjustable trigger 2. Serpico performance trigger 3. Suarez international.

    Does anyone have experience good or bad? Anyone use or heard of the last two? Any help is appreciated.
  2. That non p365 Glock trigger is just as important as all those oem internals your referring to. So if you can’t adjust buy a gun that works for you. The s&w M&P series have better feeling triggers too.
  3. I love the gun, just not the stock trigger. Why buy an entirely different gun when there’s plenty of trigger options out there?
  4. Johnny Glocks $22 OE Glock trigger shoe.

    I have several, he does a great job on them.

    See them on his website
  5. :cow:
  6. I had the Serpico on my G27 and it was good. The trigger I put on my G26 however is much better in my opinion. It's the Tango Down Vickers flat faced trigger, about $40 on Ebay.
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  8. I installed a Vickers flat face trigger shoe on my 43X. My trigger finger likes it. Got it from Wilson Combat for 38 bucks.
  9. Any experience with the three listed? I'd like to get a silver colored trigger but there aren't many options for that color.
  10. I like the Lone Wolf kit I put in my G26 years ago. Big improvement, no reliability issues to date.