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I'm coming closer to selecting the final three handguns for self defense. I no longer hunt upland game, waterfowl or big game and I seldom take long hikes in the wilderness; no more backpacking, mountain climbing, canoeing or camping out. Therefore, no need for a large caliber handgun. Also, no need for a shotgun, scoped rifle or tactical long gun.

As of this point, I've narrowed my choices to three: a Glock 19-4, a Glock 43 and a Ruger LCP2. The 19 has a Streamlight TLR-1 HL for the bedside, early morning walks (pre-dawn) and CC or car duties if I'm heading someplace unknown or think I'll be out late at night, which isn't very likely because I'm usually in bed before 9.

The 43 is just so darn handy tucked between the driver's seat and center console and can easily be slipped behind my belt prior to exiting the vehicle for shopping, dining, movies, etc.

For deep cover, the LCP really fills the bill in my right front pocket or in a Smart Carry holster setup.

I have confidence in the reliability of each gun and with only three I don't have to wonder where I left any one of them (an issue at my age of 67).

Three seems about right for this moment. How about you?
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I have three that would fit that bill, and since I've owned two of them for a good long while, I trust them to a high degree, and the third one is a Glock, so the trust is built in...
They are:
Glock 32C Gen 3
Ruger LCP Custom
Kahr PM9

All three are a basic equivalent to the size and purpose envelope that yours are, with the bonus that the 32C, I would not feel bad in black bear country with that as a woods walking gun, with something solid and hot in the chamber. (Not saying it's ideal, for that)
All of this said, I have one or two other choices available, like an NAA Pug 22WMR for shorts carry in summer, and a G41 (light/laser) in the nightstand full of Golden Sabres for something that wakes me up at 2am...
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