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Discussion in 'Saturday Night Special' started by Berto, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Sep 15, 2003
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    So I'm at my cousin's house for the hollidays, we get together for dinner and wt elephant exchange.
    He mentions he's looking for a pistol and has been working at some level with the local LE (trying to get hired>>?) and has a few guns, including a cheap .38, but he doesn't remember what brand (he's not a gun guy).

    So we go upstairs so he can get the firearms out. He has three, it turns out, a High Point .40 w/ laser thingy. A Phoenix HP22 and a Cobra/Davis .380 (the .38 he was mentioning).

    Sooo, not especially great firearms or anything to be enthusiastic about...but I'm not going to piss on his choices either, as the High points DO generally work fairly well, some people like the Phoenix .22's Ok as well.

    He mentioned wanting to find a Ruger LC9- which would be an excellent choice and affordable, but I resisted the urge to tell him he should trade these in on it.

    I could see him maybe keeping the High point as a Home Gun, but he should maybe ditch the other two and get a used K frame maybe.

    Anyways, I suggested he just run ball ammo in the Cobra, it probably will choke on jhp.

    Ay useful info on any of these guns would be appreciated. Besides the usual stuff, that is.:supergrin: