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Trayvon Martin's mom says she thinks his killing was an 'accident'

  1. Interesting, does this mean she just wants this over with, and to move one with her life, or does she disagree with the state bringing 2nd degree murder charges against Zimmerman. I wonder if this will hurt the states case.
  2. What happened to two months of "My son was hunted down like a dog"?

    Maybe she's feeling remorse now that her lies may end up with him getting life?
  3. Her lies? I'm going to need to some documentation on that one.
  4. I don't owe you squat.
  5. She (and her advisors) may have had a sobering realization: there will now be a trial. At a trial, EVERYTHING will come out: school suspensions, recovery of deleted facebook pages, various versions of what actually happened to cause the fatal confrontation. Until now, it would be easy to present an image of a deceased family member as a "victim" of a cruel society; at a trial, the defense will be examining (and presenting) everything it can find. The "adversarial" nature of the legal system makes this inevitable, and the mother may now be realizing what is about to happen.

    In a claim of "self-defense", the defense counsel will be given great leeway in presenting evidence of the deceased person's appearance and character. Clothing, actions, facebook page content, and CURRENT photographs of the deceased will come into play.
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  7. She would probably like 1200 squats.

  8. Oh, I see what you did there.
  9. Yep. Careful what you wish for.
  10. Maybe they have second thoughts about their sons record being exposed:whistling:
  11. Ahh, interesting. Another witless coward that can't back that crap the spills out of their mouth with evidence or facts. You are a unique snowflake.
  12. It's kinda like that time you raped that chick but she deserved it. She dressed like a slut and a had a pic on facebook.
  13. ^ lol
  14. Not to mention the threat to her business plan of selling Justice for Trayvon¬ô - branded merchandise.
  15. this is bazaar indeed, AL SHARPTONGUE is preaching love now? WTF?
  16. Why weren't they saying this like two weeks ago?
  17. Maybe someone got through to them that they will be the ones blamed when the riots start following the acquittal?
  18. this just got serious..... its all gonna come out .... where is uncle jessie and big al now....

    I wanna see T's daddy's girl friend that lives in that community he was visiting.

    Lets tell it all.

  19. My opinion, which means squat and is meaningless in the case, is that they are going to go after the HOA and the insurance company for allowing this "accident" to happen or for at least allowing the environment for this to happen.

    Trust me.. the word accident was not accidentally used...
  20. Double post...
  21. Here's how it went down.

    George was a wanna be cop, like many of you on this forum, and was doing his neighborhood watch thing one night. He was carrying a weapon which he was illegally carrying due to his domestic violence misdemeanor, and saw a black kid walking down the other side of the road. Zimmerman called 911 and disobeyed the dispatcher. He went over to Martin and stopped him probably tellin him to get the hell out of the neighborhood. Martin punches Zimmerman in the face and Zimmerman kills Martin.

    Manslaughter at best. The end.
  22. sorry,but your facts are just a bit distorted and your calling others on here wanna be's..:rofl:
  23. If she decides to switch to calling it an accident, there goes the malicious intent required for Murder 2.

    Maybe she figured out that there's less money to be made by putting GZ in prison for a few years than there might be from a civil $uit. Remember OJ.

    Or maybe all she wants is an apology and a few more T-shirt sales. :whistling:
  24. Quite distorted.

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  25. I do believe you are short a few facts about licensing in Florida and how it is applicable to Zimmerman's real history. He was carrying legally.

  26. You should give your eyewitness testimony to the authorities.
  27. This is a classic tactic in a Civil Suit. There is no "excuse" in an accident, and full liability.

    It covers the bases by removing the issue of "justified use of deadly force" or "Intent".

    I believe she's focused on the $$$ the civil trial will target.

  28. You're right Samurai. After 2 months of spewed hatred for whites she is now back pedaling in attempt to disclaim the racial hatred that she showed in the past. I'm sure this is a plot by her attorney's and the special prosecutor to try and make her look good before testifying at the trial. If Zim is acquitted (which he should be), then you will see her start right back with the race card.
  29. You have no idea what you are talking about. You are just making this up as you go. Which makes me wonder why you are on this forum.
  30. interesting!

    My first thought was zimmerman can't commentanswer her questions or apolgize do to potential legal charges.

    My thought as to the charge is that mob wanted him assisinated or lynched.

    the special prosecutor/govoner/obama's minions have kicked the can down the road.

    my take is the mob wants him tried and then imprisioned or executed.

    so what happens when/if his is found not guilty on this charge? will the mob accept that he was tried in a court of law by a jury of his peers and accept the outcome. or will the mob riot.

    my guess is the latter.
  31. What if it comes out that Zimmerman DID fire in self defense and that he was being attacked by a 6ft 3in boy?

    Zimmerman's life is essentially ruined in this fracas....sad...really.

    - brickboy240
  32. WTH are you talking about?
  33. you are missing the greater good. it helps obama fire up the base and takes some pressure off of him. stop thinking so selfishly:rofl:
  34. Your observations are on the mark, too. If Zim IS acquitted, then civil unrest becomes probable, in addition to the mother's resurrection of the racial issue.

    I offer another conjecture: the Murder Two charge is a legal tactic that may backfire. This case, at THIS moment, has the makings of a jury returning a "compromise" verdict for its own internal reasons. The range of possible verdicts is now (with allowance for my unfamiliarty with Florida law):

    Murder Two
    Voluntary Manslaughter
    Involuntary Manslaughter
    Justifiable Homicide
    Not Guilty

    A jury trying for a compromise verdict would NOT convict on the top count. The DA is, I believe, seasoned enough to know this. If the DA is hoping for at least a Voluntary Manslaughter verdict, the Murder Two charge would be included to make a Voluntary Manslaughter verdict possible for a desperate jury.

    This legal tactic may backfire in public opinion. Zim's supporters will be VERY motivated to assist him in fighting a MURDER charge; this motivation will be financially useful to the defense investigation of the "background" of the deceased. It will also raise the expectations of the Martin advocates; when a lesser verdict (or Acquital) comes back, they will be even more aggravated, since their appetites have been whetted for a true "murder" verdict.

    This one is sure to get even messier, unlikely as this may now sound.
  35. Sharpton slapped them around a bit and got them back on point. She has to keep with the program until time for the civil suits and book/movie deals.
  36. I think we should all just settle down. GZ and T's mommy will soon each have their own books in a few months. We can read the facts then :)
  37. I stand corrected in regards to not knowing Floridas licensing for people who have been arrested for DV, which in zimmermans case, IS a fact.
  38. He wasn't convicted. Lots of people are arrested everyday for a variety of allegations. Are all of those folks automatically guilty?
  39. race baiting is important industry in this country. and for some their only source of income and power. i guess she found out the hard way that the powers dont want it to be a mistake nor hear her say that. mistakes do not support the race baiters and thier needs.
  40. i am still surprized that a group of people who had lynchings done to their forefathers not that long ago would turn around and want to do the same to a person not known to be guilty. seems ironic to me.
  41. Last night, on O'Reilly, she said he was murdered.

  42. WE are not... I posted her retraction yesterday.

  43. That was so "5 Minutes ago".
  44. This.

  45. .....
  46. "I believe it was an accident. I believe that it just got out of control and he couldn't turn the clock back."

    ]I misspoke; George Zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood

    i dont think mispoke means what she thinks it does
  47. That statement is so twelve seconds ago!