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Are you prepared for an in-home invasion in your home?

  • YES. Too bad for the perp(s)

    Votes: 28 87.5%
  • NO. But I should get myself ready

    Votes: 4 12.5%
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You are not going to get what you need by watching youtube.. Get some real training from an outfit that incorporates "force on force" scenarios. Everyone will have a different home defense plan.. some better than others. Generally speaking I do not suggest that a person go looking for the BG unless you have other family members in danger. I have a repel boarders kind of mentality and I plan to get a 911 call out, lay the phone down and prepare to defend the room I am occupying.

I always have a firearm readily available but I will not carry a gun on my person while inside my home. If I did, it would simply remind me that I have failed in my responsibility to properly secure my home. A determined criminal can certainly get into my house but it wont be faster than I can casually walk to the nightstand.

The best home defense plan is one that causes the badguy to select another house. Home defense starts at the curb!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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