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Are you prepared for an in-home invasion in your home?

  • YES. Too bad for the perp(s)

    Votes: 28 87.5%
  • NO. But I should get myself ready

    Votes: 4 12.5%
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Sound advice. Basic rule of thumb for me is if house is unlocked and alarm off( like right now sitting on back patio enjoying the weather) I am carrying. It helps if you have options for different carry situations. I have some pistols rigged with holsters for IWB carry during summer with only a light t shirt; others rigged with OWB holster for winter carry under a jacket; and lastly, small pocket guns in sticky Remora holsters that I can simply tuck into a pocket or waist band of gym shorts/sweats without a belt( like right now chilling on back patio in "lounge lizard" shorts).
Define "unlocked". I live in an apartment so no patio but when I lived in a home if I was on the patio the front door was locked.

Now that I'm in an apartment and an alarm isn't an option I just carry period
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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