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Are you prepared for an in-home invasion in your home?

  • YES. Too bad for the perp(s)

    Votes: 28 87.5%
  • NO. But I should get myself ready

    Votes: 4 12.5%
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Except in the event of the Apocalypse, the strategy most law-abiding citizens will want to follow in the event of a break-in or anything else going bump in the night is not to launch a search-and-destroy mission where they're sweeping and clearing rooms in an attempt to hunt down and detain the interloper(s).

Instead, difficult though it may be for the ego of the king and/or queen of the "castle" to accept, rather than to repel invaders the objective is for the entire family to survive the breach of the castle walls.

Read Massad Ayoob and you'll see that he advises that your home defense plan involve instantly arming yourself (if it can be instantly done), then notifying authorities, then gathering your family and strategically retreating to the most secure and defensible room in the house, and from there to assume a defensive position, await the arrival of the authorities - whether it will take them 3 minutes or 30 minutes to arrive, and to assist the responders via the telephone and the police dispatcher.

He has an excellent, brief video on the subject:

Just as those of us who CC do so not to usurp the role of the police but to improve the odds of our families and ourselves surviving an encounter with Bad Guys, the objective of the homeowner is for his or her entire family to survive the home invasion. The typical civilian cannot take the place of a team of LEOs who train professionally to anticipate and defeat specific threats while sweeping and clearing a residence or place of business. And lest we be tempted to think otherwise, the wise homeowner will realize that if he or she is killed or disabled while needlessly going off in search for the Bad Guy(s), with LEOs not yet on the scene the family is completely at the mercy of the invaders.

Better to instead retreat, keep the family safe, let LEOs do their job, and have everyone in the family live to see the next sunrise.

Stay safe. Best to all.
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