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Training Pistol?

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Has anyone ever seen one of these? It is a casting of a G17, first gen, I believe. It is cast aluminum. I have seen the blue and red training pistols, but not a cast aluminum one. I'm not sure if that's what it is or not. It's got all of the normal markings: logo on the slide, 17, AUSTRIA, 9x19, Glock Inc Smyrna GA, etc.


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Looks like a "Dummy gun" used by holster makers to detail mold holsters without using real guns. It is more safe and does not put wear and tear on a real gun.

And Wecome to Glocktalk. :)
That's what I was thinking too. Welcome to GlockTalk freddyG19..:wavey:
Thanks for the info. It came out of a cast aluminum pile at a scrap yard.
Its cool. You could paint it black and carry it as a self defense gun. It would be just like the guys that carry their handguns without one in the chamber.. :couch: :tongueout:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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