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Training opportunity

  1. April 27th-29th Force on Force in Seymore, IN. If you carry a gun, you should learn how to fight for your life with it. Why spend 400+ dollars on a gun and not know how to shoot it? Or how your holster works?

    April 27th is the Force on Force Primer and the 28-29th is Force on Force Scenarios.

    So you've taken a tactical class or two or ten. You can shoot cardboard and steel on demand. This class is the next step. You will have a chance to test your defensive skills against thinking, moving adversaries in realistic scenarios. Years of static square range training won't give you the tools and insights that these two days of tactical problem solving will.

    This course is not for beginning students. You should already have a handle on the legal and practical sides of personal defense and need to have graduated from a Tactical Response or a comparable school's Tactical Pistol course.

    View more at http://www.tacticalresponse.com/training/courses.php
  2. Interesting, but I'll be at Pat Rogers AK class.

    Please let us know how it goes.:)
  3. A review from last weekends "The Fight".

  4. Another student review...

  5. And another...

  6. I haven't taken this class yet, but I have taken 2 others and I can say, without a doubt, I have recieved MORE then my moneys worth in training.

    Hope to see you guy's join.