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Training for Texas PO

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A friend of mine was asking about some training. I wrote the following. I figured that there are a bunch here that could benefit. Enjoy!

As many of you are acutely aware, the 2 year training period is set to end on August 31st. For most of you, the requirement is already met, for others not so much. In a separate discussion I was asked about online training and what websites that I use.

I am going to compile a list of the sites I use or have used in the past with a link and a brief description. There is no particular order to these. First however go to TCOLE and create an account.

Remember, training is ultimately your responsibility. Request the stuff you want and if they say no, you tried. Below are the sites I use the most. This allows you to monitor your training without bothering the TCLEEDS administrator for your agency. This is a must. Click the My TCOLE link. Once you are in there is a section that leads to TCOLE's new training page. There aren't many options but it's there.

TEEX is a great resource for LE. They offer training for many disciplines, and they are reasonable in price. They have a constantly evolving on-line component and have offered 96 hours of free online classes in the last 18 months. The current class is a fingerprint analysis course that is free until October. They are an approved state training provider and report to TCOLE.

FEMA Courses. These are recognized courses in emergency management and similar studies. TCOLE has issued the course reporting numbers for most of the courses. This will require your agency to report the training to TCOLE. Not difficult but hey free training. TCOLE does have the reporting numbers, so look it up and give the info to your training person so they don't have to. They like you better.

Classen-Buck, Good courses. They allow you to purchase all of the intermediate mandates and take on-line. The cost is low and is a great way to get it done quickly. They also have a few really good classes that are informative. They are also a state approved provider and report the training themselves.

They are new to this rodeo. They charge $99 for a year but offer a lot of classes and they are constantly evolving. They update their stuff a lot to make sure that it reflects current laws and Supreme Court decisions. They have an agency option that is cool but if it's just you its still a good deal when you look at what it offers. They are an approved provider and report the training to TCOLE.

These are not all of the online classes available but it can make a dent in the training that is available to you. These are the ones that I like due to format, and ease of use. Happy training!

I didn't want bashing of departments on my Facebook page but don't really care here. If you want to blow up your agency go for it. Make the rest of us feel good about our place.