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I have a custom built gaming computer up for trade or sell outright. Here are the specs:

**Antec SUPER LANBOY anodized all aluminum - case
**Antec Truepower 550w - power supply
**Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe Socket A Nvidia nForce2 Ultra - motherboard
**1 gigabit ethernet and 100mbit ethernet connections built into motherboard
**6 channel nForce audio built into motherboard
**Zonet V.92 56k modem
**AMD Athlon XP Barton 3200+ - processor
**1GB (512mb x2) Mushkin DDR400 - RAM
**ATI Radeon 9800 Pro DDR AGP 128MB - video card
**Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 120GB 7200rpm SATA - hard drive
**NEC ND-2500A - DVD/CD burner (black)
**Sony 1.44mb - floppy drive (black)

The computer has been flawless since I built it (I am a certified IT consultant and network administrator) and is very fast. It is internet-ready through broadband or dial-up.

Trading for 9mm handgun of some type or sell outright for $800. Here's the only pic could find of it:

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