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Tracing the Gun that Killed Chicago Police Commander on 2/13/18

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Poorly written or purposely misleading article. Why not show all known transfers?
Why was a warrant served and guns confiscated?
Were all transactions known?
Gun purchased in 2011 from PT Firearms.
Gun sold by original owner in 2015 to owner #2.
Owner #2 sold it to owner #3 shortly after.
Owner #3 refused to answer questions.

That's the known transfers.

Because owner #2 reported selling multiple guns, and had a ledger of gun sales records, I'm pretty sure the ATF is now looking at him as an unlicensed firearms dealer. They seized evidence related to that possible crime with search warrants.

Seller #3 refused to divulge any info about the sale of the handgun that crossed state lines, and ended up in the hands of a repeat felon.

You need an FFL involved to transfer a handgun to an out of state buyer.
You also aren't supposed to sell guns to felons.
I'm guessing besides looking at those 2 potential crimes, the ATF is also looking at buyer #3 as another possible unlicensed firearm dealer.

I also notice the article says buyer #3 has a felony arrest.............. later dismissed. Real unbiased relevant info there.

How many time do you think a handgun would change hands in 7 years?
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