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Tow Trucks na Abusado

  1. yup, good for them! suwerte nila hindi sila nakakatapat ng kargado..carjacking talaga yan..the owner has the right to defend
  2. Nangyari rin yan dito sa binondo area...

    Heavily tinted patrol, nasa loob yung may ari ng kotse (may sinusundo siguro). Dumating ang tow truck at inangat agad ang kotse. Bumaba yung may ari at sinabing nasa loob lang sya ng kotse at di dapat i-tow. Di sya pinansin at nakipag tigasan yung crew...

    Balik sa kotse yung driver at kinaha yung baril sa loob...

    Pinutukan ng driver yung dalawang gulong ng tow truck... Takbuhan ang crew... iniwan yung tow truck...

  3. +1k

    I've been victimized by the this syndicate in dela rosa st. in makati 4 years ago. :50cal:

    My wife was pregnant with our 1st baby, I just went down for a while to open the passenger side door so that my wife can get in, when this hinayupak towing boys swiftly parked in front of us and started hoisting my car. no parking daw!

    walang sinasanto ang mga yan!

    I also heard about the story chocoboy! buti nga!:tongueout:
  4. our barangay captain snooped about the legality of these tow trucks, the only place they are allowed to tow is in edsa (aside from the illegal parking of makati). he did this because of numerous complains in our area, sa amin lang twice na nangyari.
  5. ortigas area, 1998, i was shown the rules for towing, IIRC, it states that if the driver arrives before the truck can move, they can not tow the car.

    i also saw this sa TV a few years back. same thing, car driver can stop the towing if the crew is still attaching and hoisting up the car. but as soon as the truck moves, wala na.
  6. Sa binondo din...

    Tow truck clamps to a parked F250 kahit nandoon naman yung american driver. Ang ginawa nung kano sya yung humatak ng tow truck, ang lakas ng F250...hahaha. Nagmakaawa pa ngayon yung mga tauhan ng tow service para bitawan yung truck nila. :supergrin:
  7. but really, if a truck is painted with appropriate markings. and they just ply the routes where towing is possible, these trucks can be used by criminals to commit auto theft in broad daylight and without the use of force. malay ba nang mga bystanders kung legit ang tow truck o hindi'.
  8. LOL...:animlol:

    I drive a F250 here (not mine) ang lakas na makina. Uphill kahit hindi mo tapakan ang gas (manual) humahatak. V10 yata ang makina nyan, or is it V8?
  9. There are two gas versions. A V8 and a V10; similar engines used in the Ford Excursions. There are two diesel engines also. A 6.0 and a 7.3 V8 (engines supplied by International). The torque of those engines, especially the diesel ones are just tremendous.

    The V-10s is the engine of choice for pulling a 5th wheel. A local tow truck which is made from an Elf or a Canter is just no match for a Ford F250.
  10. I believe so zorkd is right,

    This may very well be an MO in the making. Simply put up the sign that they are a towing service and in broad day light they could tow your car for a distance and take it. In makati nowadays, the tow trucks include a MAPSA representative in uniform. I guess it is also to ensure non abusive nature of these tow truck firms. Of course corruption is another thing. baka may parte na rin sila sa kita
  11. Ang dameng carnapper . masarap babanatan yan mga gago.