Tough South African Woman!!! (wish she was my chick!)

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    'I grabbed him and pulled'
    20/05/2004 08:19 - (SA)

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    Sharon van der Merwe explains how she stabbed an attacker. (Jo Prins, Beeld)

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    Robbers flee fighting fury

    Jo Prins

    Johannesburg - A woman in Muldersdrift near Johannesburg fought like a fury when she and her friend were attacked, probably saving both their lives.

    Sharon van der Merwe, 35, and her 45-year old friend, only known as Gordon, arrived home about 20:30 on Tuesday.

    Gordon got out of the car and opened the gate. She also got out and stood by the gate, waiting for him to drive through.

    She heard Gordon say: "Don't hurt us, just take the car."

    Apparently three young gunmen had been lying in ambush in the tall grass, waiting for them to return home.

    "Suddenly one of them pressed his weapon against me and shoved me towards Gordon. He wanted to know if I had a cellphone, but I lied and said no."

    One of them drove the car into the yard and crashed into Gordon's trailer.

    "Once inside the house, they took Gordon to the bathroom and bound him up with neckties.

    "They took me to the bedroom and I thought they were going to rape me."

    Van der Merwe told them they had no weapon, and that there was no safe or panic button.

    She gave two of them her bankcard and a false pin-number.

    "Two of them went to the car, and as they left, they told the other one in Zulu to lock the doors and kill us. Gordon understands Zulu."

    Kicked between the legs

    "While we were tied up in the shower, I called the remaining guy and asked for a cigarette.

    "He took a cigarette from his mouth to light one for me. Gordon hit him on the head and made a grab for his gun."

    Van der Merwe kicked their attacker between the legs as he was lying on top of her, while Gordon held the gun.

    The hammer of the 9mm pistol released and pinched Gordon's thumb. The shot didn't go off.

    "While the man was struggling with Gordon, I hit him with a juice bottle and then with the bathroom scales.

    "When he had his back to me, I grabbed him between the legs and pulled with all my might. On the way to the kitchen, I attacked him with hair clippers."

    Van der Merwe managed to get hold of a kitchen knife and started stabbing the man.

    "I picked up the gun that had landed on the floor and shot him three times - there was blood all over.

    "He still had the energy to chase us with a bottle of wine."

    The men fled in the couple's BMW with their personal belongings. They are still at large.
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    Good for her! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, sometimes! Too bad she didn't pull "them" off...

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    Apr 24, 2004
    wow, that's an amazing story. glad she was able to protect herself!!
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    Ditto!:) Gals from RSA rule!:)