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    Aug 5, 2005
    First, must say: I have no interest, financial or otherwise in this course. I just happened to take it and loved it.

    I took one of the many Utah CFP courses last night in Logan. I was expecting the usual boring three hour lecture, but was absolutely blown away by the quality of the course. It was informative, interactive and entertaining. I highly recomend it, especially if one is intereted in a significant other taking the course with them. I'd take my wife in a heartbeat, and my brother did just that. The instruction was animated, and there were great video segments and the presentation was seamlessly run.

    Usually in a class like this I expect almost exclusively male with a hefty percentage in the 21-28 range. Not so here. The class consisted of elderly people, middle age, and young and roughly 1/3 was female (pretty good for a CFP course). With a police instructor and a diverse group of students, I was reminded of sitting in traffic school, except that I was having fun.

    The class was 75$ and to date is the best money I've spent on firearms training. I've been shooting for a long time and didn't expect to learn anything new from the course, but I did. At the end, there was a surprise that left me (literally) running to my car for more ammo and crossing off soemthing from my life's "to-do" list afterward.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested, PM me, and I'll give you the contact info (I haven't aske the instructors permission to post it as of yet, but will do so).

    Have fun,
    Aaron Stevens