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Top handle chainsaws

  1. I own about 5 chainsaws but decided i really miss running a top handle arborist saw which i have used in the past quite a bit. I live on a river with very uneven ground and trim from my roof as well. One hand holding myself from falling down a hill and one making cuts.

    I have used stihl 200 T saws 35cc with 14 and 16 inch bars... old saws now. They for some reason still command 700 to 1200 dollars. The new stihl MS 201 T is new for about 750 dollars. There are echo and husky top handles available as well. New echo 2511 t. Is super small and light weight for only about 450 dollars.

    Any of you guys use these saws in trees or are familiar with them ?? I am not going to use this for a living and am very experienced running these pro style saws.. just trying to decide which one..
  2. For serviceability - I opt for the Huskys. They use a lot more intelligent throttle/choke linkage and the screws that hold the cases together, are all captured and won't fall out.

    I worked on a lot of Stihl chopsaws for concrete/asphalt demo work and they could take a lot of abuse - but they were really hard for field repairs like I said.

    The Huskys - had the same performance and probably the same problems when you use them to cut concrete and rebar - but they were seriously easier to make those niggling little repairs in the field.

    Just sayin'..............

    I have a fairly small Poulon that is super light - can cut like it thinks it's 50cc and 24" long! It IS very noisy though - but it is just the thing for times when I am 'up a ladder, letting it all hang out' and don't need the heavier weight of my 350 or 445 Husky.
  3. The top handle design is much lighter and much shorter... very expensive for a smaller saw, but built for pro use.. you dont want a cheap saw when your 55 feet up clipped in on your saddle hoping the weight of the piece your cutting will be right.

    I just need the weight and form factor.. but a pro quality saw is well worth it in my opinion.. i dont have 5 top handle saws when i am limbing.. in a dangerous spot.
  4. 200T with muffler mod. Winner
  5. Yes but is it worth it these days to spend 1200 dollars plus for an old one ?? Or buy a new auto tune ms 201 T stihl ?? And see how it goes.
  6. I spend time on few forums with sections dedicated to saws. Your top handle is still considered one of the best by many. Lots of guys like the echos too and you can't go wrong with husqvarna.

    The antivibe is better on the newer saws.
  7. I had trees cut down last summer and they used aHuskey battery powered saw that cost $400 or so.
  8. I think the general consensus among pros is that the new 201T is a complete POS compared to the older 200T. I have a lot of Pro Stihls included a few 200's, but I don' have a 201 to personally compare.

  9. I’d u do a search for 200T vs 201T, you’ll get a lot of info. Consensus is almost always 200T. I see decent used ones pop up in the 5-700 range quite a bit.
  10. I have a Husqvarna T435 that is great for about 75% of stuff around the house. Have had it 7 years and other than just the normal chain maintenance, have never had to fiddle with the power head. Have the litte 12" bar on it so wicked compact. Where it really shines is out on the snowmobile trails that I trim as part of the snowmobile club. We're not normally felling big trees, but clearing blow downs and such. The small saw fits in the box on back of the sled and ATV, starts easy and so light it would be easy to use above your head one-handed....but that's against the safety rules.
  11. I think the first 201 models were bad but that was many years ago... i just dont know about buying a 20 year old 200 t hoping its not full of ebay china parts
  12. I've used a couple of them and they are handy as hell. I think the main reason they are priced so high is they are all Pro level saws. After all what manufacture wants some twit on a ladder cutting with one hand.
  13. I can understand that concern. I have run a lot of saws for decades and yes made some income with top handle saws.. they are not great jo backyard saws unless you have a lot of time running them. I do have the skills... just trying to decide what i want to buy... used 200 t. Or new 201 or echo or husky
  14. I own a Tanaka
    I have weed trimmer and leaf blower made by them also. Very good starting and excellent power to weight. My rear handle chainsaws are Ecko CS-590-20 and CS310-16. Both of them are excellent too. My favorite to run is the 310, it just won't stop cutting..lol.