Top 10 Tyson Jokes

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    10) Tyson already has his next fight lined up, with Lorena Bobbitt. Winner eats all.

    9) This gives new meaning to "box lunch."

    8) Reporter: "Evander, what did you think when Tyson bit off your ear?" Holyfield: "WHAT?"

    7) Dr.Spock-vs.-Tyson bout hastily canceled

    6) What did Mike Tyson say to Van Gogh "You gonna eat that?"

    5) Did you hear about the new Mike Tyson computer? It has two bytes and no memory

    4) Next bout: Tyson vs. Hannibal Lecter, with Julia Child to referee. To be held in Hungary. Billed as, "The snackfest in Budapest."

    3) How does Mike Tyson differ from Metallica? Metallica leaves a ringing in your ears. Tyson leaves your ear in a ring.

    2) Slogans for Tyson-Holyfield III
    The Third Gogh Around*** Dahmer vs. Psalmer*** The Last Supper*** Ear-Reconcilable Differences*** Grazing Bull*** You Wanna Piece of Me?*** Blood Sweat and Ears*** No Lobe Lost*** Bite of the Century*** Because you're dumb enough to pay for it. Pay Per Chew

    1) When interviewed after the fight, Tyson's first remarks were that "It tasted like chicken