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Tool review - Bosch 26618-01

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Kith, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Jan 18, 2010
    Haven't had a chance to log on for a while, been frightfully busy working doubles almost daily for my merchandising job. Big project in home improvement stores.

    Just added a new power tool to my collection, a combination impact drill/driver.

    Bosch impact drill/driver model # 26618-01. 18-volt battery power tool.

    This tool combines two tools, your standard drill/driver, and an impact driver.

    It has a selector switch to choose between 3 modes of operation:
    -Low gear (0-750 rpms)
    -High gear (0-2800 rpms)
    -Impact mode (0-2800 rpms)

    Let me say, this tool is phenominal. I have never used a more well-designed, lightweight, compact 18 volt drill.

    Bosch offers two types of 18 volt batteries, a slim pack and a fat pack. When the fat-pack battery is used, it perfectly balances the tool. When the slim-pack battery is used, the tool is a little top heavy.

    Using the fat-pack battery (it comes with two of 'em) I outlast the Ryobi and Dewalt drills used by the people I work with, by a considerable amount. This is doing the same work, in bays next to each other. I haven't met anyone in this business yet that uses anything but Ryobi or Dewalt, except for one guy who used Milwaukee tools.

    My co-workers have to drag around two tools to do their job, as both a drill/driver and impact driver are needed merchandising a home improvement store.

    Self-tapping screws through sheet metal into steel beams takes power, and any 18 volt drill is sufficient to the task. This Bosch tool drives these screws more quickly and with more ease then any other 18 volt drill I have ever used.

    Breaking loose bolts that anchor the beams for the shelves requires an impact driver most of the time, because they were probably put on with one and a standard 18 volt drill may or may not break the bolt loose. With a click of a button I have that capability at my fingertips, and it performs the job admirably.

    Did I mention it comes with a steel belt-clip, so you can turn the tool upside down and slide it onto your belt? This is the answer for any drill, since I am constantly having to put it down and pick it back up during the course of the work.

    Oh, and it has 3 LED lights surrounding the bit on the front of the drill, which light up completely the area you are working on, unlike most lighted drills that have a single light right above the trigger. That single light doesn't light up the part you are looking at, problem solved by this tool.

    The lights are sunk into a thick rubber cushion that surrounds the whole front of the drill, so if you slip off your screw not only does it cushion the blow to the drill, but also reduces damage to whatever you hit.

    (hey, accidents happen)

    The bit is held on with a 1/4" hex-shank quick change mechanism, so the only bits you can use with it are quick change bits. There are many available now, so this is not such an issue, but the biggest drill bit you can probably find is 3/8", which is a little disappointing.

    Bottom line:

    Simply the best 18 volt cordless drill I have ever laid my hands on.
    -Strong - lots of power.
    -Longer battery life then any other 18 volt drill manufacturer.
    -Compact, rugged design.
    -High quality all metal internals.

    I've used drills from Ryobi, Dewalt, Ridgid, Milwaukee, etc... down the line, and no other 18 volt drill has had this kind of power. Add to it the lighter weight and more compact design, combined with the fact that all moving parts are made from high quality steel and not plastic, and we have a solid win. The triple light and belt clip are icing on the cake.

    It's not available in your local home improvement store, and truthfully I had to order it through because they were the only company in the US that could get their hands on it that I could find, given how new it is.

    At $400, it'll be out of most people's price ranges, and is a little under double the cost of buying both a drill/driver and impact driver from Dewalt, for instance. But you get both tools in one, with higher quality construction then you would from any other company.

    You get what you pay for.

    For me, i'm willing to pay for a quality piece of equipment, and having used everything out there Bosch is the only power tool that can reliably withstand the heavy demand I put on it. I am constantly amazed by the quality of Bosch power tools, and this particular model upholds that standard admirably.

    Merchandising for me has been a secondary job that I do because I enjoy it, and not really for the money. Consequently, I invest the money I make from it into tools that make my job easier, and this is THE answer for the job that I do.

    Lately, it's been turning into my primary source of income, and so now having this tool at my disposal is becoming more and more worth it each day.

    Just wanted to share, I know a lot of people on here use power tools, and if you are trying to buy an impact driver, and also need a standard drill/driver in 18 volt cordless, you should consider this tool if it's in your price range.

    Link to tool on the Bosch website:

    If Bosch didn't exist, i'd be using Ridgid power tools, because I feel they are second in line as far as quality goes.

    Below is a table comparing the commercially available 18 volt drills on the market right now.

    I did not include the drill talked about above on the list. It's low gear is 0-750 rpms, and it's high gear is 0-2800 rpms. It gets up to 1,500 inch/pounds of torque in impact mode, but couldn't find a specification for the torque rating in drill mode.

    The Dewalt XRP has 3 drill mode settings, but it is not an impactor, just has 3 drill speeds.

    Manufacturer RPM
    -Model Number Volts Low gear /High gear Torque
    -36618-02 18v 0-500/0-1,600 500
    Black & Decker
    -BD18PSK 18v 0-400/0-1,200 200
    -SS18C 18v 0-400/0-1,200 175
    -CD182K-2 18v 0-400/0-1,250 200
    -DCD760KL 18v 0-500/0-1,700 ?
    -DCD960KL XRP 18v 0-500/0-1,250/0-2,000 ?
    -DS18DFLPC 18v 0-400/0-1,200 374
    -DS18DSAL 18v 0-350/0-1,500 460
    -BDF452 18v 0-400/0-1,500 450
    -MILN2601-22 18v 0-350/0-1,400 400
    -PCL180DRK-2 18v 0-350/0-1,200 325
    -PC180DK-2 18v 0-350/0-1,400 440
    -R86007 18v 0-450/0-1,650 455
    -R86014 18v 0-450/0-1,450 450
    -P812 18v 0-440/0-1,600 ?

    Edit to add:
    The forum broke my formatting on the table, sorry about that. The last number is the torque rating, or a question mark if it was unspecified by the manufacturer.

    You can see from the list that no other 18 volt drill comes anywhere close to the power that the model 26618-01 offers.
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    After Hilti, I'd prefer Bosch products.