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Sorry 10mm Ring, I am up too late and drank too much coffee.......

I bought my G20 several weeks ago and I love this pistol. To get used to the heft and size I pretty much carry it around the house and dry fire it for trigger control, etc. I am single, so I do not have to worry about kids and such.

I got all my reloading equipment and I am just waiting on my new table etc.

I checked on my G26, which I have hidden, and I swear I think someone swapped out my pistol. There is no way this my my G26- it is so small!

I started laughing out loud - Carrying and shooting my G20SF for the past several weeks seems normal to me now. Anything small like this baby glock just got me laughing. Baby, small, and tiny

good laugh, good fun.

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Yeah, the G26 is tiny compared to the G20/21. Even the G29 makes the G26 seem pretty small. I wonder how you carry the G20 after carrying a G26. When my G29's locking block broke after carrying it for about 6 months, I had to go back to my G21SF for about a week. It felt like a MONSTER! I couldn't wait to get my G29 back. I bet the G20 feels enourmous after the G26.
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