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Up for sale is a Tom Faux, of Brighton, CO., built half-stock Hawken rifle in .58 caliber with a 33-inch Howard Kelly (Weberton Rifle Works) barrel in 1x66 inch twist for patched round ball. I contacted Tom and he advised that he built the rifle in 1994 for a man in Wyoming (he could not recall who) and that he used one of Kelly’s barrels. He also used one of his locks and single-set triggers that he designed. However, he said his trigger was not his best design. The stock is a real nice piece of American Walnut. Tom could not find the workorder, but recalled building the rifle. I purchased this from a shop in Wyoming and found that the single-set trigger did not function properly and the rear sight was bent. I also found the name and address of a man in Wyoming under the toeplate. I purchased a new L&R Hawken long tang with double-set triggers, the straight front trigger version, a new Johnson iron peep sight and insert, a new German silver Rocky Mountain style front sight and new tang screws, as the old ones were damaged. In 2020 I sent the rifle to John King of Kila, MT. who went through the rifle, installed the new triggers, sights and plugged the old rear sight dovetail. The metal was browned and the stock glass bedded. The bore is perfect and the rifle is in excellent condition. Triggers work with or without the set trigger. I have never shot the rifle as I have several more custom-made Hawken rifles. Sorry for the crappy pictures, but the rifle looks better than any pics I can take.

No FFL is required. Shipped is $1250 and $1200 with local pickup in Springfield, Virginia. I accept cash, MO and personal checks. No trades or PayPal. Contact me with any questions.

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