TNW ASR 460 Rowland PCC

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    I know this isn't a Glock, but it helps me Glock this way. I have a TNW ASR that I purchased in late 2014. I chose it for it's ability to use Glock magazines and multi-caliber capabilities. I originally purchased mine in a color coded tri-caliber configuration of 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP. Before the year was out, I contacted TNW about 10mm, they said it was on the slate and anticipated in Summer of 2015. I didn't want to wait, so I ordered a 40S&W barrel, rented a chamber reamer from 4D Reamer Rentals and made a 10mm. It worked and worked well enough to take a whitetail buck last year. I beat them by a little over 6 months to the 10mm.
    So, over the last year or so I started pondering the idea of going 460 Rowland with a 45ACP barrel. I spoke with TNW about the possibility of a heavier buffer or recoil spring. They said they think the current setup would be up to task. So this Summer I started ordering all the needed players for the conversion. Bought a threaded 45ACP barrel, a Lone Wolf compensator, some Underwood 460 Rowland 185 and 230 grainers, and rented a 460 Rowland reamer from 4D.
    On September 9th I test shot it and examined the ejected case, all looked good, put some rounds through the chronograph, then stared popping water jugs.
    It works, it works well and it's a blast to shoot. Recoil is not bad and it cycled and fed reliably from a Glock 30 magazine with a factory spring. The 185s are moving at 1750 FPS and the 230s are going a tad over 1500 FPS. The 230 grainers are blowing gallon jugs into 2 to 4 pieces telling me that those 850 FPS designed bullets are probably looking like bugs on the windshield. At this point, I'm planning on using either hard casts or Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrators for hunting.
    I'm posting this so others can follow the path.
    If you have an ASR in 45ACP, I'm going to say that 45 Super should be plug and play. I haven't tried it, but the only thing stopping me is not having any 45 Super ammo on hand.
    If I had to pick another caliber conversion to do for the ASR, it would be a 357 Sig barrel reamed to 9x25 Dillon. I'm not sure I will do that, but the potential is there...
    I did a 6" threaded Lone Wolf barrel from 45ACP to 460 Rowland at the same time. I need a slide now to put on my Gen 3 G20SF, that will be another post. [​IMG]

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