TN-HB 3125 - 2 Week Delay - Please Write

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    This was originally scheduled for vote today, but has been delayed two (2) weeks. If you are in Tennessee, please contact your representatives.

    The legislation for carry in restaurants which serve alcohol by HCP holders is up again in Tennessee. It passed last year but a judge with an agenda, legislating from the bench, nullified the overwhelming passage in the house and senate.

    Here's the letter I wrote, followed by an email list:


    Dear Speaker/Representative XXXXXXXXX,

    I urge you to vote in favor of Tennessee House Bill 3125. As I'm sure you are aware, this bill will allow property owners (not the government) to determine what actions may take place on their own property. Currently HCP holders may not carry a firearm into a restaurant which serves alcohol. When passed, this legislation will allow the owner of the property to decide if this may occur on his property; and conversely the HCP holder may decide wether, or not, to patronize the business.

    There have been several examples of criminals committing robberies, assaults and shootings in restaurants. These criminals have no regard for laws against robbery, assault, attempted murder and even murder; do you think that they would have a second thought about violating a law prohibiting firearms possession in a restaurant which serves alcohol? The current law only makes these locations a more attractive target, as there is less chance of armed resistance.

    Although these incidents have occurred, I believe the primary concern is leaving a firearm in a vehicle by a HCP holder while in a restaurant which does not allow a firearm to be carried by a HCP holder. These locations are ideal targets for vehicular burglary, with a good chance that a firearm will now be in the possession of a criminal, rather than in the hands of a law abiding citizen.

    There are over thirty (30) states where firearms may be carried by permit holders into restaurants which serve alcohol. At least one (1) of these states allows the armed person to actually consume alcohol as long as the BAC is below the limit for driving. There has been no indication, in any of these states, that allowing firearms possession in these restaurants has created a problem; and none of these states has enacted legislation to reverse these laws because of actions by permit holders. For the brief period of time the law was in effect in Tennessee, there were no incidents by permit holders in Tennessee.

    A similar law passed last year in by the Tennessee House and Senate and was nullified by a single person "legislating from the bench" in a travesty of the State and US system of government. There is no doubt that it should be passed again.

    I believe in responsible firearms ownership and harsh penalties for those who commit crimes with the intent to do harm.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    City, Tennessee


    Speaker Kent Williams (R-4)
    (615) 741-7450

    State Representative Harry Tindell(D-13), Chair
    (615) 741-2031

    State Representative Charles Sargent (R-61), Vice Chair
    (615) 741-6808

    State Representative Joe Armstrong (D-15)
    (615) 741-0768

    State Representative Lois DeBerry (D-91)
    (615) 741-3830

    State Representative Craig Fitzhugh (D-82)
    (615) 741-2134

    State Representative Michael Harrison (R-9)
    (615) 741-7480

    State Representative Steve McDaniel (R-72)
    (615) 741-0750

    State Representative Richard Montgomery (R-12)
    (615) 741-5981

    State Representative Jason Mumpower (R-3)
    (615) 741-2050

    State Representative Jimmy Naifeh (D-81)
    (615) 741-3774

    State Representative Gary Odom (D-55)
    (615) 741-4410

    State Representative Dennis Roach (R-35)
    (615) 741-2534

    State Representative Donna Rowland (R-34)
    (615) 741-2804

    State Representative Johnny Shaw (D-80)
    (615) 741-4538