Basic Information:

What: Limited Edition NUGE/TMT Tactical G40 10mm Hunting Handgun

  • Stippled grip, two finger pads, and under trigger guard
  • Trijicon co-witnessed sights
  • Dehorned front trigger guard and recessed rear trigger guard
  • Custom front serrations
  • Extra and deeper rear serrations
  • Engraved U.S flag and Ted Nugent stick man logo
  • NUGE 10MM, TMT Tactical logo, Glock Logo and serial number 22 of 100
  • TMT trigger: internal trigger components polished
  • Cerakote in a custom FDE/OD finish
  • TMT magwell
  • Custom Ammo Can Gun Case
What: Ted Nugent 10mm 180gr JHP Ammo

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Why: From the moment I saw that Ted Nugent was releasing a limited G40 Glock I wanted one, but also knew I would likely not pay the price to get one. My reasons for wanting one were based on three factors with a special bonus as a fourth:

1) I have been a fan of Ted Nugent’s music since he was in the Amboy Dukes and I have attended many of his concerts over the years. I also strongly appreciated his constant, well reasoned, and public defense of the 2nd Amendment, Law Enforcement, the Military, and hunting.

2) I am a recent (past couple of years) convert to the 10mm, and it has recently replaced .45 ACP as my favored round for shooting and carrying. For me, it has become the ‘perfect’ round and I have been buying more and more 10mms.

3) I own many firearms, but Glocks have a special place in my collection and carry rotation due to their reliability, affordability (I own many), and large after-market options. Thus the Ted Nugent G40 brought together three of my favorite ‘things.’

4) The bonus is the fact that unexpectedly my wife had one under the tree for me this last Christmas (22 out of 100: we were married on the 22nd).

Testing: 4 Different 10mm Guns Head to Head:
I love shooting this gun. After just having fun shooting the new gun for a few months, I wanted to compare it to some other 10mm. I shot 20 rounds of PMC 10mm 200gr FMJ through four 10mm guns and measured velocity using a Caldwell Ballistic Precision chronograph. The contestants in this head-to-head match were the following:
  • Ted Nugent Glock 40 MOS 10mm, 6.02” barrel
  • Glock G29 10mm, 3.77” barrel
  • Colt Delta Elite 10mm, 5” barrel
  • Sig Saur P220 Hunter 10mm, 5” barrel

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As would be expected, the biggest factor was muzzle length with the G40 resulting in the highest (Feet per second) FPS and the G29 the lowest. See the top section of Table 1.

Testing: 5 Different 10mm Ammos Head to Head:
I then compared 5 different 10mm rounds on velocity shot through the Ted Nugent G40 MOS. Ammo tested included:

·Armscor 180gr FMJ

·PMC 180gr FMJ

·Sig Saur 180gr FMJ

·Hornady 155gr XTP

·Ted Nugent (DoubleTap), 180gr JHP.

I shot 20 rounds using the Caldwell chronograph again from each set. I also cleaned the chamber before each set and wiped down the chamber after 20 rounds to compare residue differences. I did not detect any real difference in residue left by each set of 20 rounds.

I compared grain/type, cost per bullet (*suggested retail), advertised FPS and measured FPS (average of 20 shots). See the second part of Table 1 below. The Hornady was advertised as the highest FPS and actually measured almost 100 FPS faster through the G40 (that extra 1” barrel). The Sig and Ted Nugent were advertised the same and both were measured slightly slower (9 FPS) than (the Hornady?).

TABLE 1: The Ammo, Results

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Conclusion: Barrel length matters and the G40 resulted in higher velocity than the three comparisons guns. Additionally, the G40 shot multiple roads at very near or well over advertised FPS, with the Hornady XTP performing exceptionally well.

Final Steps: I have been shooting the Ted Nugent G40 for a while now with the Trijicon co-witnessed sights but finally added Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 2.5 MOA Optics to it and zeroed in the sights at 10 yards.

Limited Edition NUGE/TMT Tactical G40 10mm Hunting Handgun with Leupold Optics

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Final Thoughts: For me, this gun is my new favorite, not just to own but to shoot and it always gets attention when it comes out to the range. The extra inch on the G40 barrel seems to bring out the best of any ammo and the TMT modifications are all to my liking (slightly lighter and crisper trigger pull and aggressive grip). At press time, there are still a few of these beauties available if you want to add one to your safe (or as there are still some months before Christmas, start dropping hints to your loved ones).