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Tips for my nephew entering BCT

Discussion in 'US Army Forum' started by allcd88, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. allcd88


    Apr 2, 2006
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    The other side of Nebraska
    I went through BCT at FT Sill 22yrs ago and I know that BCT is not what it was then.
    I sat down and reminisced and came up with some "advice" for my nephew who left this week.I also sent the list to his dad, (my brother) who is in the process of deploying now and he, along with everyone he is deploying with got a kick out of this, so I thought I would share it here and maybe "help" more fresh recruits out.
    Here is what I sent him, enjoy::whistling:

    Good luck and work hard Deon. Here is some advice:
    Always volunteer.
    Never hesitate to say "could you explain that one more time."
    Never be the first to look away when being stared at by a Drill Sergeant.
    When asked if you have a problem, admit that you actually do.
    In everything you do, take your time.
    On the morning of the gas chamber shave twice.
    Always demand seconds if you are still hungry.
    While pulling guard duty, if you get sleepy, feel free to take a nap.
    While marching, remember that a little bee bop in your step never hurts.
    It is always OK to raise your hand and let them know you are feeling a little stressed.
    If you are feeling singled out, tell them you don't think they are being fair.
    When no Drill Sergeant's are around, you should start a competition with your peers and see who can impersonate them the best.
    When ordered to "drop and give me twenty" just say "I'm good".
    Drill Sergeant’s like being called "Sir" and "Gramps".
    You should let them know beyond a shadow of doubt that you absolutely do NOT do dishes.
    As soon as you get the chance let the DI's know your dad is a soon to be Major.
    You should also pick the smallest DI and challenge him to an arm wrestling contest.
    Make sure to have a watch on that can be set to chime every hour and alarm for meal times.
    Tell your drill sergeant that I told you that you should be malingering as much as possible and you don't know what that means so you need him to explain to you how to do it properly.
    Everyone likes getting a pat on the back once in a while and being told they are doing a good job. Make sure you do this to your drill sergeants at least once a week.
    When you unexpectedly get the drill sergeant’s attention for doing or saying something wrong and he is coming at you to get in your face, it shows that you are willing to take what is coming to you if you take a quick step toward them and squint your eyes a little. They like privates that show a little courage.
    After he is in your face and chewing on you with the brim of his hat bumping your forehead, brace yourself and with only your forehead gently push back.
    When the time seems right, you might give the brim of his hat a flick with your finger and say, “nice hat, where can I get one.”
    Highly polished boots are for suck ups, don’t ever be a suck up.
    When there is down time waiting for formation, or cleaning your weapons, if someone falls asleep, gently take their weapon, hide it and sit back and enjoy the show when they wake up.
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    May 27, 2005
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    Also make sure to keep a smile on your face it'll make the times go by faster when you're a happy person.

  3. JBarbaresi


    Sep 28, 2009
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    actually, all of your advice would probably fly in today's basic training. i mean, after all, this is the age of "stress cards" and smoke breaks.

    one more thing, make sure you really emphasize the whole "polishing your boots" thing. and make sure he uses black kiwi and understands that you just have to use a little elbow grease to get the new suede boots to really shine :tongueout:
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  4. tnhawk


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    SW Tennessee
    Be sure to shave head and get a tatoo before reporting for BCT. You want to stand out from the average recruit.
  5. robin303

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    Austin, TX
    :rofl:I have a feeling he will be doing a lot of push ups. What a good list. :supergrin: