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Time for a detectorist style post

  1. drinking cheap Mexican beer, wrenching on my mathematical pile of crap Harley, 75 degrees in January.

    Cheers, rabbi
  2. :wave:
  3. But is that what you're really doing, or just what you tell people you're doing?
  4. I'm drinking enough beers to relax my gag reflex so I can go choke on my salad later
  5. Well, if you've relaxed your gag reflex that much, you'll be able to stick a vacuum cleaner down there to remove the lettuce.

  6. Aaaannnnnndddd that softball lofts right by

  7. I heard gag reflex so I am here.....
  8. I heard no gag reflex and tossing my salad. It's gonna be a good night.
  9. For someone who keeps having some pretty emotional meltdowns about how much you wish I would go away/shut up/change...you sure seem obsessed with getting my attention.

  10. You guys flatter me
  11. Its not about what we do for you, its what you can do for us.....
  12. I didn't mean to kill your thread r3dot........
  13. It started out very funny.
  14. Life is too short for cheap beer, brother.
  15. This is a cop / fireman bromance isn't it? Next you two will be in a slap and tickle fight over who is in charge at the scene of an accident when the lanes of traffic are shut down.
  16. You better be putting lime and salt in those beers... You'll get worms if you don't.

    No worms in me.
  17. I picture Tom watching over their shoulders, sniffler calling in fake calls, Steel Head throwing rocks at them and Joshttn in a tutu and the reason for the closed lanes.
  18. I will come in tonight with a flashlight to check for myself......
  19. I can totally see that.
  20. You say that now...after a few beers you'll swallow the worm.
  21. IMG_7899.JPG
  22. Better bring your salad tongs. Those bigassed ones that used to hang on grandma's wall as a decoration. And a strong gag reflex.
  23. Ten will get you twenty he doesn't. tom. :whistling:
  24. Like clockwork.......:whistling:
  25. Pah-shaw... I'm a worm swallower from way back.
  26. Of that I have no doubt.
  27. Reported.

    I'm calling 911.

  28. Redacted. Not feeding troll.
  29. Tecate is delicious garage beer. I like fancy beers, too.
  30. Well, at least drink it in a bottle.....a really COLD bottle.
  31. Then I can't crush the cans with testicles
  32. Your Tecate cans have testicles? And you put them up to your mouth?
  33. I didn't see [email protected] post. :dunno:
  34. You don't?
  35. One thing of many........:whistling:
  36. Not without salt and lime.
    And tequila. Lots and lots of tequila.
  37. When the plane in the movies is diving and speeding up ... ...sometimes it crashes and burns... ...and sometimes it pulls up at the last possible second. If you haven't seen the movie before often you just can't tell until you watch the movie.
  38. Tequila is my favorite. Tequila is my nemesis, too. Tequila makes me punch things.
  39. You'd say that at a bar and I'd be so drunk I wouldn't understand a single word you said, but I'd be like "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhh" and buy you a shot.
  40. As in donkey?
  41. Donkey show
  42. Note to self:
    Meet r3dot at a bar.
  43. Small world. Me too. Only with me, tequila makes me say things that make people want to punch me.
  44. does tequila make your clothes fall off?
  45. If we're going cheap, I kinda want some Mickey's malt liquor. Y'all ****** like Mickey's malt liquor?
  46. Mental note, do this, -
    Then this -
    Abra-ca-dabra... r3dot buys the booze.

    I are a jenus.
  47. Only if you ask nice... Or you've got 50 cents in your pocket.

    Not the black guy kind... The money kind.
  48. dude

  49. Mickey's big mouth? Who doesn't? Especially with Tecate testicles.
  50. IMG_7910.GIF