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Timberwolf Large Frame for 20 21 29 30... finally?

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Search is dead. Starting roll call post but point me to it if already alive

no interest in the 29/30 frames but been waiting on a Timberwolf 20/21 frame since it was teased in the 2016-17 catalog. Called a while back and was told Dec 2017 release. Now see it’s finally gonna happen, but snot show preorders which sucks. Thrown a lot of money into 21 long slides and 460 Rowland and ok with the Glock SF, but was considering moving to FNX45 after shooting because...the grip. Hoping the Timberwolf large frame is my Glock-n-x answer

Anyone else waiting on this? Expect availability will suck for a while.
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Not much to update. Didn’t fall apart at the range. Few months I’ll have a fair diet if 45 super & 460 Rowland through it but running comp’d long slides so I’m not the headsman for these frames. The grip is just awesome. I wrench for a living and can see the texture bothering some but easier to resolve than grip reduction. I sold my sf frames, could never go back. Waiting for others to be released!
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