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Tilley hats.

  1. Any fans?

    This is my everyday wear for about nine years now.. I've got a Wanderer in OD for work when a hardhat isn't required.

    It's lasted three times as long as any issue boonie I've ever had, bonus that it floats and warranted against loss... Who else does that?

  2. I prefer to go old school.......really old school.
  3. I have a Tilley Airflow. Love it. Wear it for appropriate activity. But have many hats.
  4. I've got a Tilley Hemp hat that I picked up on a fly fishing trip in New Mexico. These days I just wear it for cool weather yard work.
  5. I had the original T-3 for years. Best hat i ever owned. It finally died. Just disintegrated. The only reason I didn’t use the warranty and get a new one was that it had been damaged by chemicals. Bleach and chemicals are not covered. I really need to order a new one.
  6. I prefer the OR Seattle Sombrero...
  7. [​IMG]

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  8. Made down the road from me in Toronto. Drive by their outlet store an factory about once a month.
  9. I have two and I'm quite happy with them.
  10. Love my Tilley, but I feel like I look like a goober ass in it. Course the hat may not have that much to do with it
  11. I like my Tilley Hat. Perfect for around the farm in hot weather.

  12. **** yeah!
  13. I probably have 6-7 of them. They have a lot of different styles. I definitely think they’re a good value but I try to get them on sale, closeout or obscure colors. I also prefer the natural materials over the synthetic.
  14. I have three in different styles. The dark green color under the brim does well in reducing glare here in the Mojave Desert.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. I always liked the hat my granddad wore. This is similar, I think it was a 40’s style.

  17. I have a couple of Tilleys. I bought my last one at a shop in St Augustine.
  18. Dude have you got Keen work boots on? Looks very similar to a pair I wear if so.
  19. No sir, those are Salomon. Most of my hiking buddies wear Keen however and I'm looking at giving them a shot.
  20. No hats for me, but once in awhile a ballcap.
  21. I’m too skinny to wear those hats and not look ridiculous. I’m more of a baseball cap kind of guy.
  22. ABU boonie cap or the ocasional ball cap. Got probably about 30. Mostly free... latest free was Falcon tire. But mostly wear the issue booonie at all day outdoor events. I think the best. But I do sport a straw cowboy Gus when I mow the yard in the summer and it is really hot.
  23. I have had an airflow for many years. For me it is a bit too hot for summers here in the South, but good all other seasons. I favor my Resistol and Serratelli felt hats, but my Tilley is a good one to pack in my motorcycle or other luggage.
  24. I've been wearing this T3 for 20 years and it's still going strong. It used to be khaki colored, but now it has sun bleached to a nice shade of stone.


    It is the best outdoor hat in the world.

    (At least, that's what it says inside the hat and I tend to agree).
  25. Here's mine. I bought it about 10 years ago for a trip to Arizona. I wear it when I mow, and sometimes for other outdoor activities.
    I wear it at a jaunty angle.

  26. In my case, at my age, I am a goober.

    It's quite liberating, actually. Not having to conform to any particular fashion statement, and all.

    Those platform shoes, gold necklaces, polyester pants, silk shirts, etc, got rather tedious.

    I used to live in Florida. We'd make fun of the old coots with white tennis shoes, black socks, seersucker shorts and pink legs.

    Now I realize they were the ultimate cool. They flat out didn't care what anybody thought.
  27. Love my Salomon's Quest 4D Forces. Can't go wrong.

    Never wore a Tilley hat. Hell, I only wear a hat when it's chilly out in the morning dog training sessions.

    Stetson Bozeman

  28. What's the best indoor hat? [emoji57]

    I rarely wear hats. Uncle Sam's Navy cured me of any hat wearing desire. Only if weather or activity makes it mandatory.
  29. Do they make one like this?

  30. Ive wondered about showing up to the office in more classical outdoorsey attire...

  31. Love my Salomons, had countless pairs of the XA Pro 3D. But come fall to spring its one of my Redwings moc toe or Beckmans and just ordered some Iron Rangers. I may have more boots than the wife has shoes
  32. Smashing!
  33. I don't know...I think I'm gonna stick with my favorite hat for now...

  34. Worn a few boonies out in the field. Fit is more important than brand.
  35. I've never owned a Tilley hat. I just wear a UV blocking hat from Gander Mountain for summer flea marketing. tom.

  36. What I'm am wearing now.
  37. Have had an Airflow for about 4 years now. Bought it at a hat shop in Key West. Worn it a lot, walking, mowing, grandkids baseball, soccer and football games. Don't regret buying it at all.
  38. I've reached the age where I do not care if I look like a goober ass. I'm clean and that is more than I can say for some of the mutants I see out there.

    I have an army issue Desert Storm era boonie hat I wear cutting grass. My old and small neighbor wears a huge straw gardener's hat so he looks like a little old lady from a distance.
  39. I had never heard of a Tilley hat but I was on vacation in AZ a number of years ago and lost the baseball cap I had been using. I went looking for a new hat to help keep the sun off my face and saw this Tilley hat, but thought that $84 was too much to pay. But I bought it and its the best hat I have ever had. Funny thing is that just the other day, 6 years after buying my Tilley hat, I was in a store and saw the same hat for sale, still $84! When I bought my Tilley it came with a bunch of little cards that fit into a pouch in the inside top of the hat. The cards explained the history of Tilley hats and how to buy one. I would give out one of the cards when anyone asked me about the hat, until I was out of cards. I contacted Tilley and asked how I could get more of their cards and they told me that they no longer print them or put them into their hats. Not a big deal since I already have my Tilley and it will likely last me the rest of my life.

  40. One of mine has the info printed on the tag inside of the hat and one does not.
  41. I guess the newer ones don't have the info on the label.
  42. I bought my Tilley in spring of 2006. Great quality product.
  43. OP, I have one just like yours in hemp. I like it, but wearing sunglasses with it is a challenge.

  44. I've not run into the issue. Do the arms try to get inside?
  45. Oakley Straightjackets. Straight arms won't fit under the headband.
  46. Had a Tilley for about 20 years and it was great but for the last 15 years it’s been a Henschel Aussie breezer for a bit more style.

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