Tiger Woods

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    A man is getting married, and the day before the service, his bride to be tells him that she isn't a virgin, as he had thought. The man thinks about it and isn't really botherwed by this announcement, but asks her who she has slept with.
    She replies"Tiger Woods" She tells him how she met Tiger at a fund raiser, and that they went to dinner, hit it off and ended up sleeping together.
    The man figured that, it was Tiger Woods, she would never see him again, and that since he was so famous, he could understand why she did it. On there honey moon, the man makes love to his new bride. After they are done,he's feeling a little hungry, so he gets out of bed, and goes to the phone to order room service. His bride tells him, "Tiger Woods wouldn't order room service, he'd come back to bed and make love to me again" So the man hangs up the phone and goes back to make love to his wife. Again, when he is done, he gets out of bed and goes to the phone. Again his wife stops him saying,"Tiger Woods wouldn't order room service, He'd come make love to me a third time" Upset and hungry, the man slams the phone down and goes back to bed. When they are done the third time, he gets out of bed, and walks over to the phone. As he picks it up, his wife calls to him," Are you going to order room service?" to which the man replys, "Hell no!!!!!! I'm going to call Tiger Woods and find out what par is on this hole!!!"