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Tier1 holster users, axis elite or slim?

  1. Guys, I am a long time user of the standard aiwb Tier1 holsters for my Glocks and am thinking of getting one of the setups that carries gun/mag up front but am a smaller guy. I have watched multiple videos on both the axis slim and axis elite and am leaning towards the elite over the slim because of the newer design features. I am looking for info from guys that have one or the other or have had both as I need something a compact as possible due to being a smaller guy. Any help (or pics) would greatly be appreciated, Thanks..
  2. I have an axis slim for my 19 and one for my 43X, in fact I’m wearing my 19 as I type this. I haven’t been able to compare the axis slim to the elite in person, but based on the reviews and online comparisons I’ve seen the axis elite seems slightly more compact. The axis slim is by no means uncomfortable to wear or difficult to conceal, but I hear the elite is cut in a way to make it more comfortable. If you are a proponent of a WML, the axis elite doesn’t (yet?) support WMLs. If the elite had been available at the time I bought my two slims, I might have opted for the elite.

  3. My girl got me one of these for my 43x. I am unsure which model it is exactly, I will report back.
    It's a killer holster, though.
  4. I carried with a regular Axis for G19+TLR-7 for several months in 2018. Very well made, but I didn't like it much - had a bit of a pressure point in a spot I couldn't get used to. Probably just a thing with me. Went back to carrying with a T.Rex sidecar for G19+APLc that I had been using prior (also very high quality and highly recommend). The Axis Elite looks interesting though, and I definitely trust their build quality.
  5. I get what you’re saying about the pressure point in a certain spot with the 19 T1C. I had to improvise and add some padding on the backside of the holster to minimize the pressure. I only start to feel it now towards the end of the day when carrying the 19.
    T1C sells a wedge kit that is supposed to help with that, but I haven’t felt the need to buy it yet.