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  1. Where I live in Alabama seems to have more ticks than usual. We find them everywhere. On the dog, on the cat, in the house. The animals have treatment that is supposed to keep them off. I have treated the yard twice. Any suggestions?
  2. I am not sure what you are using for a yard treatment; get something with Bifenthrin like Bifen or Talstar; it's expensive but it works and you can treat both the yard and the house with it.
  3. We use Frontline Plus on the dog. Works better than anything else we’ve tried.
    Yeah, The ticks are unusually bad here as well.
  4. Here, mild winter = more ticks. My wife uses repellant and gets ticks every time she goes out in the yard - I never use it and never get one, even in weeds and woods.

    I guess all winters are mild in Alabama, so I don't know.
  5. We live in Maine and the ticks are very prolific here. We use nematodes. Google nematodes for ticks and i think you’ll be pleased. They’re harmless to people or animals but are hell on ticks,we notice a marked decline usually two weeks after application.
  6. Me too. Never see a tick or flea.

    If you're finding them in the house you need to get bug bombs and fog it. But take the dogs and plants out first. Give the dogs a flea & tick bath before you bring them back in the house after it is bombed.
  7. Install opossums.


    Diatomaceous earth.

    Capstar will kill fleas and ticks quickly but you still need a preventive for the catter/dogger.
  8. our-guinea-fowl.jpg

    Get a flock of Guinea hens. They will be in tick hunting mode 14 hours a day, and make your breakfast too.
  9. Here it’s been more of a plague of mosquitoes. All I have to do is step out the front door and I’m swarmed upon. Those bloodsuckers love me unfortunately.
  10. Ticks are running rampant at my little slice of heaven. I've already found more this year than I used to find all summer.
  11. Ha-Ha...and they are so stupid they will keep you entertained too. Guy down the lake has some of them. I about died laughing one day trying to shoo them out of the road so I could get by. It was like a game for them as I chased them around the truck.
  12. which repellant is she using? Which chemical is it?

  13. Ticks: I knew a guy who would wink his left eye when he was pissed. I could never figure out if he was being serious.
  14. I have a nervous one...
  15. I've already had one on me this year. I could feel something on my back, right in the center but could not get to it.. I asked my buddy to take a look and he said it's a deer tick.. and you have a red circle about 2" in diameter around it. We got the tick off but it has been ITCHING something crazy for almost a week now.. In the shower, hot water really soothes the itching.. Almost as good as running hot water over poison ivy.
  16. Try hydrocortisone cream.

    ....and get checked for Lyme disease.
  17. I don't know, I think some natural citrus stuff.
  18. My brother gets bumps like that from tick bites. On me, they leave no evidence at all, never have; even a mosquito bite only last 20-30 minutes and then is completely gone. Spider bites are what get me - they last a couple of weeks.
  19. We use the Diatomaceous earth and it kills Fleas, Ticks, and Spiders. Vectra for the Labrador, very effective. Permathrin (SP?) for clothing and any of the Mosquito and Tick sprays for skin.
  20. I haven't noticed more than usual here in Georgia but due to COVID shutting down all the trailheads for a few months I wasn't out in the woods nearly as much as usual.

    Frontline works but it kills ticks, it does not repel them. You might see some on your dog but they will die within a day.

  21. All of my hiking and camping gear gets Sawyer's Permethrin (keep away from cats until completely dry). For flying critters I use Ben's 100% DEET. Accept no substitute :supergrin:
  22. Do you ever feel them crawling up your legs? Having hairy legs and wearing shorts really helps. It makes it easy to feel them crawling up your legs. When I do get bit by one it is usually on my upper thighs or behind my knee where they are easy to remove.

    Women have a harder time feeling them crawling up since they have smooth legs. And a lot of them wear long pants tucked into their socks since that is common advice for avoiding ticks. So the ticks crawl all the way up and dig into their scalps where they are hard to get out without help. A couple of women I sometimes hike with insist on using some sort of natural insect repellent instead of DEET, which is the only one that really works.

    Hairy legs, shorts and plenty of DEET is the best way to avoid getting bit by ticks. So women get bit more often.
  23. Yup. And ask your PCP for a prescription for it. The prescription strength 2.5% works nicer than the OTC 1% and it can actually end up costing less too.
  24. Pretty heavy with them here in north central south Carolina, also.
    I had two of those bastiges on me yesterday :fist:
  25. Seriously, you need to go to the doctor. Lyme disease can be very serious if untreated and a “bullseye” like ring is often the first symptom.
  26. We have a ton this year in mn, bought a new sprayer just to combat the lil buggers. With 70 acres to treat, and multiple applications each year I spend some dough.
  27. They have been bad here some years, but I have not noticed them this year. I have Permethrin concentrate to spray around the house if ticks or chiggers become a problem. I have been thinning out the rodent population, so that might help with ticks.
  28. The real question is:

    How much wood would a wood tick tick, if a wood tick could tick wood?
  29. I'll bet you do. :D
  30. Allow me to second this. The red "bullseye" circle is a classic symptom. Lyme is nothing to take likely. Go see your Dr., and soon.
  31. Seconding this. Treatment is a one time antibiotic dose (doxycycline). Lyme's can be asymptomatic and be attacking your heart for years. I've had it twice and if I have a deer tick burrowed in now, I just get the pill. Blood testing is useless once you've had Lyme's, it will always show positive.
  32. Tick's get bad here once a year when the ranches round their cattle up for the drive up into the high country. I live near where the cattle are gathered together for the drive. The raccoons bring the ticks into town and spread them among the dogs and cats that go outside. I've heard just pulling the ticks off is bad, but that's how I do it.
  33. Any idea on the effects on bees?
    Bad ticks here in W-TN. They love me unless I deep woods off.
  34. T
    The ones I had moved next door.
  35. Use Sawyers on all boots, shoes and hunting clothes . Check yourself , and shower when returning to home .

    Many will never get the “ bullseye “ ring an frankly thats a late start to combat it . Where I live a tick bite means a trip to the dr due to all the Lyme disease here . He’ll start you on the drugs before the blood work comes back .

    my daughters yard , note the browse line .... they bed in her yard next to the deck while she grills dinner on it . EC9896DE-606B-466F-9B13-5AC758E4E8DC.png
  36. get picardin and pemethrin. one for skin the other for clothes. i never put on skin. just use both on clothes. one is supposed to kill them. DEET is NOT for ticks, just skeeters. about 5-8yrs ago we got these pencil tip sized red ticks. they look just like a freckle and near impossible to see or feel. turkey hunting takes a new set of clothes each day now. i strip down outside camp and trash bag each set, then shower after a mirror check. Once im out of camo, i dont go back out hunting because they have gotten so bad the last few years.

  37. Ticks are real bad around here. I've already had at least a couple dozen get 'dug in' on me. And I've picked several dozen more off, before they got dug in. With 142 acres and cattle all over the place, it's almost impossible to avoid. I'm outside just about every day

    I have two friends in the last couple years that have been infected. One got Lime disease. One got Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. And we're about 1,000 miles away from the Rockies.
  38. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/nematodes-ticks-72724.html
    "Entomopathogenic nematodes have several advantages over chemical control. They are safe for humans and pets. No special safety equipment or masks are required. No re-entry time needs to be considered and they are safe for pollinators, such as bees."
  39. I saw a picture of a tick in a dog’s gum line, sent shivers down my spine. I wonder if a dog get bit by the lone star tick, do they develop the same problem with red meat products?
  40. Chickens or turkeys should do the same. I am not sure what bird works best.
  41. Get some bird and bat houses for the right species in your area and they will eat the skeeters. A humming bird feeder will also help. They don't live on just sugar water, they eat bugs and a lot of them.

  42. Ticks are REALLY bad in WV this year. We had a very mild winter too.
  43. Guinea fowl are preferred over turkeys/chickens as they won’t damage gardens or other areas of property. Chickens and turkeys tear up the ground(scratching) looking for food whereas Guinea fowl don’t. The disadvantage to guineas is they’re very vocal. They make great watchdogs. We used them for a couple years but they are very stupid or stubborn and over time we lost them all to our Maine winters. Sometimes they’d get spooked and not return to the coop and would freeze to death outside up in a tree. They maintain a somewhat wild disposition.
  44. Double post,sorry.
  45. Even ticks know another blood sucker when they see one. They must be attorneys. Professional courtesy, I guess. ;)
  46. Thanks. We do have both hummingbird and backyard bird feeders and we see bats at dusk, yet mosquito population continues to thrive.
    A mild winter combined with a wet spring combined to create the perfect storm for mosquito breeding. I expected this, and considering I’m a mosquito magnet, the situation is as annoying as I figured it would be.
  47. I went on a short walk with my dog on a trail that goes back through the woods, behind my house. I didn’t spray down because I knew it was just a 200 yards round trip but I picked up 6 ticks.
    Two of them were really tiny. Got all but one before they dig in.
  48. What about the dog?

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  49. State Trooper helps check me for ticks.
  50. The dog was treated. She only got one.
  51. I live in central Alabama and the ticks this year have been the worst I can remember. The last few mild winters may (or may not) have something to do with it. In the early spring, I couldn't walk outside in the yard without getting a few on me. My wife was bitten by one on her side in March and she still has a red area that itches occasionally. She developed a bullseye rash that spread to about 10" round. She went through 2 rounds of antibiotics and was tested for Lyme and RMSF - both came back negative. I have had a couple on me this year but thankfully I don't react as badly as she does since I tend to get them on me a few times a year.

    We have a local farmer that used my field last year to plant pumpkins and he offered to spray my yard and woods with the chemical he uses on his peaches. After my wife was bit and had so many problems, I called him up and asked if the offer was still good. He came a few days later (around the first of April) and sprayed. Since then, I've seen a 90% reduction on what I normally see around the house. He didn't charge me so I don't know what the cost is but I plan on calling him next spring and asking him how much he'll charge to come out and spray again.