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Thumbs Up for Glock Customer Service

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i picked up a glock 19 2nd gen that the frame had been hacked to accept g26 mags. i didnt like it at all and i called glock they said send it in. i did and they sent me a new 3rd gen frame and put all new internals in the slide. plus they returned shipped in on their dime, total cost for me was $43 bucks. cant beat that as far as i am concerned, thanks Glock.
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Wow thumbs up for them is right! I hear so many good things about the Glock customer service and so many evil things about alot of the other companies customer service. Good deal!
That is just amazing!! Good for you..and them!!
That is going way 'above and beyond', glad to hear they really stand behind their product, even after all that.
is there nothing their customer service won't do?
Another good story and good CS!
HK needs to take some tips from glock's CS dept...
I don't know what is more amazing? Great customer service like that or the fact that someone would be so stupid to do something like that with a G19...
Good to hear the positive CS experience!
Thats one reason why I chose a Glock. In the age of customer no-service its nice to see a company (especially a firearms maker) provide good CS and stand behind a product.
I had a run in with Glock's customer service a while back. The extractor on my 2nd gen Glock 19 was broken, so I took it to my ex-gun shop who sent it back to Glock for me. When it was sent it in, it had some Glock night sights that were starting to dim a bit, and when I got it back, they basically refurbished the entire gun and put new nights sights on, all at no charge.
I now know how to change the extractor myself, but am glad I didn't then just for the new night sights.

Gotta love Glock!
i forgot to mention also that the G19 was only gone for 12 days. they orginially told me 4 to 6 weeks before i would get it back. i called yesterday morning to get an update and the guy said we shipped it friday so it should be there today.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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