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Thumb Damage

  1. Was doing a very routine stop for a woman going 67 in a 50. I was going to let her go with a warning but her passenger and back seat rider threw out the good ole F you pig spitting at me and so fourth. So I radioed in 3 79 subjects and the Cavalry was on the way. Amidst the wrestling and cuffing etc I got a real nasty cut on my left thumb. Down to the bone on my left hand. Ligament and nerve damage. Surgery Monday morning to try and repair. But I cannot move or feel my left thumb. Insurance is exceptional so I’m not worried about the bills at all and I’m very financially stable. What’s got me so worried is the use of my non dominant hand. Thumbs are very important. And they can’t give me any promises that I’ll ever be be at even 75% motion. I’m 24 years old. I won our Top Gun award last year. This may have Severely hurt my high level shooting for the rest of my career. Going to be hard to do mag changes without a thumb? I talked with the chief and he’s assured me my job is 100% stable and the dpt is behind me but guys this has me wigged out pretty good...
  2. Sorry for your injury, but did you mean to post this in Coptalk?
  3. Hope you get good news and heal quickly.
  4. No hitchiking for 2 weeks :)

    Hope it heals up good as new!
  5. With nerve damage of my own, I hope you heal quickly to 100%. But I don't think weak-hand thumb immobility is going to hurt your reloads too much.
  6. Get well soon!
  7. Let's hope for a good result.

    Were you wearing gloves ?
  8. i've cut both thumbs each one needing the tendon/ligament sewed up. same deal with not being able to move thumb before the repair. I mechanic for a living and have no issues with fine skills. It might take a little longer and a little work on your part but in time you'll be good.
  9. No gloves. I should have but we aren’t required to. 90% never wear gloves. I am very worried about how this is going to affect everyday life as well as manipulating firearms.
  10. What was it that caused the cut?
  11. Before your procedure(s) did your physician give you good odds to regain mobility?
  12. Pocket knife
  13. both were ER visits and not a real "in depth" analysis. one doc said I might want to do some phys. therapy (never did since I was tough and all) other doc was a bit of a goober and didn't say much at all.
  14. Stay positive.
    I used to be 90% no gloves.
    Now I always wear them when it's time to go to work.
  15. What gloves do you recommend?
  16. Heal quick Officer.
  17. I hope the scumbags get a long prison sentence and your thumb heals quickly.
  18. I do a different type of work than you.
    You will want a duty glove and maybe a glove with hardened knuckles.
    Here's a very good police supply store and their inventory of gloves...
    And one more...
    At the end of the day, you'll want to go a brick and mortar store and try them on.

    My criteria would be traction on the palm and puncture resistance.
  19. Everybody always say things like "cops put their lives on the line every day", which is true BUT, there are a million other things that can happen that can really screw up your life. I do not envy you guys, and am in awe when I think about what you've committed to. Especially at 24 ! Praying for your full recovery

    I'm curious about exactly how this situation went south. A cop friend of mine told me when in the same type of situation he would put it on the driver, telling them something like "tell your friends to chill or you're all going downtown" and usually the driver would turn around and say something like "SHUT THE **** UP GUYS !" and problem solved.

    Sounds like these folks just didn't care and went down fighting.
  20. Left them in the car until I had help. When we went to start pulling ppl out, the biggest guy went nuts yelling he’s not going. I told him he is going and it can be easy or hard. He chose hard. He had a knife in his belt. I found the pointy end...
  21. Glad you got off with ONLY a cut, albeit seriously.
    Where i work, a cut that bad will lead to an OSHA investigation and quite possibly 3 days off with no pay, due to not wearing required PPE.
    Unless you are a "protected" class- I am not......
    Have seen it before already firsthand,...so to speak.
  22. From two medium surgeries/fixes I've had, experienced nerve damage with both

    Function came back pretty well, couple months iirc, numbness took longer and still a little numb. Nerves come back slowly, in the fullest meaning of the word. It's not bothersome numbness that's still remaining, more that it's just less sensitive.

    I predict your shooting will be fine, not impacted, but don't test things until healed well and long.
  23. Jisbell, I’m sure the ER guys are dedicated and competent - but they likely don’t know shinola about hand repair. Have a good talk with the hand surgeon; I’ll bet it’s not nearly as bad as your runaway imagination (which we all have) is misleading you to believe. Positive mental attitude is the foundation of all. Hang in there!
  24. Hope they charge, convict the idiot strongly. After they let it be known THEY turned what could have been a verbal warning into...
    BTW... Maybe check. Posting you were going to give verbal first... maybe this thread should be removed?
  25. Yeah, I missed these were ER folks. Just not something they can comment on. A specialist is what OP needs to heed

    OP ... Monday is close. You check out the surgeon? Meet with him yet?
  26. I hope you recover fully;

    But if you don't, and you really want to stay in LE but can't shoot as well with that hand , it IS possible to change shooting hands. It's work, but it is doable. Where in the USA are you?
  27. Wish you the best of luck in your healing. Damaged both (but mainly the right) of mine skiing.
    Generally nerve damage gets better, although there may be some "tingling" near the site for some time.

    BTW: There is a difference between the "Cavalry" as in 7th... and Calvary. That is where Jesus was crucified.
  28. We’ve seen the bodycam footage. They had two verbal warnings
  29. Doesn’t your agency cover you medically and financially for on duty incidents? Why would you have to worry about medical insurance and finances?
  30. My best wishes for a complete recovery. Orthopedic surgery today is amazing.
  31. The guy's bleedin' and his thumb's f__ked up and you had to go there.
    Maybe he was praying about his thumb and thinking about Mt. Calvary ?

  32. I ment the Officer intending on giving the driver a verbal "slow down, have a nice day ". But pricks in car escalated it.
    Some areas those in politics think that IF you intended a verbal " slow down" but instead made a incident it's YOUR fault. Not the POS in car. You know your area better. Just would hate a thread here hurting a conviction.
  33. Sorry about the spelling error... I edited my original post. No disrespect intended especially to Jesus.
  34. Co-worker sliced his hand wide open cutting open a evidence package from DFS. Strong side hand. Lots of nerve damage and scar tissue. Multiple surgeries. He never fully recovered.

    He’s now left handed. Shoots left handed. Writes left handed. Kept his job.

    I used to wear gloves my entire shift except for lunch break. For just this reason. I wear Damascus leather gloves.

    Touch screen phones killed it for me. Just too much inconvenience. I tried the touch screen gloves but they didn’t work well for me. The Damascus gloves are second skin thin and don’t effect writing or trigger manipulation.

    This makes me want to start wearing my gloves full time again.

    Good luck. Hopefully you regain use of your hand quickly.
  35. Hope you heal up soon. I lost the tip of my middle finger a few years ago. It's helped up pretty good and for the most part it's not an issue. It feels funny every now and then. With the modern medical.stuff they can do great things. Pt was a big help. It will take a long while but you will recover and adapt to any issues. You mind dose a great job of adjusting and retuning For things like that. Thanks for what you do!
  36. Stay positive, and find the best hand Dr you can. I hope they can make you 100%, rehab on a hand can do wonders, I've lived that.
  37. Southern TN. Surgeon said he’s going to do his very best but said a lot of PT Is in my future. I’m about to go to prep for the surgery. Thanks to everyone for kind words and advice.
  38. Damn, if you were down here ( Fl) I was gonna give you some help if you ended up needing to switch hands.

    The good news is, at 24 you have a much faster recovery time , and your body will adapt alot faster ; hopefully this is the only big injury of your career.
  39. Just a thought here (and you will need to speak with an attorney to address the viability) -

    File a lawsuit against the bad guy for an obscene amount. If he is a real dirtbag, he will fail to appear in court and you will win a default judgement. Granted, he is probably broke and has no money, but you take your judgement to a collection agency and make an arrangement for them to work as your agent, collecting it on your behalf while taking a percentage for doing so. They will track this man to his dying day, attaching his wages, seizing and selling anything of value he acquires until the judgement is paid off.
  40. Do EVERYTHING the doctors tell you regarding after care.

    Do EVERYTHING the physical therapists tell you to do.

    That’s the key to a full recovery.

    Do the therapy, don’t overdo it, or try to come back too soon. And don’t get it infected.

    Best of luck to you!
  41. We started that stupid HR form for injuries. 4 pages. Everyone in the city had to use it from streets to FD and PD.

    There’s a section the injured employee had to fill out.

    “How could this injury have been avoided?”

    He wrote “More cooperative arrestees”

    I wrote “Concur, unavoidable injury.” Sgt 127

    Never heard back from HR.
  42. When I was 14 I had a devastating injury to my left wrist. I cut nerves, ligaments, and tendons. Glass missed my arteries by a millimeter. I was fortunate and a very skilled hand surgeon was called in and I underwent 5+/- hours of microsurgery.

    I have full use of my hand. There is some nerve damage but it doesn't interfere with my job or my life.

    That was in 1990. It's 2020 and the results a good hand surgeon can achieve can be truly amazing.

    Good luck. Fingers crossed for your complete recovery.

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  43. OP ... let us know what Doc says about how the surgery went. Was he a general surgeon or a specialist of some sort?
  44. I’ll be in a splint for the next 4 weeks to let the initials cut heal. The orthopedic surgeon said it went good but with the level of damage done I am looking at a long recovery and he can’t promise I’ll recover full motion. He said the best thing I can do is not use it. After the cut heals they may put me in a cast to help with the fracture... he did say I need a cast but then you can’t change the dressing from the cut and the risk of infection and losing the thumb is very real. Seems to be in a catch 22... treat the cut and ward off infection or let the ligament and bone heal together in a cast.... apparently I am a very tricky case but he said I have a good chance of gaining “most” mobility back. But the way the bone grows back as well as the ligament are unpredictable since we can’t cast them. He has splinted it very tight and I have to come in everyday for a nurse to change my dressings and reapply a splint.... way over my head here. Lot of pain meds so I’ve probably butchered the translation from the docs but that’s the best I understand it... hurts like a mfer
  45. Stay on top n of pain management with a schedule. Don't chase the pain because that sucks.

    Hope you heal well.

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  46. I love that question. I usually have a nice remark.
  47. Good luck, OP. This is going to sound weird, but be glad you were taken off duty from a fight, not an illness.
  48. your translation sounds spot-on. PM sent.