Three Dead Guys

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    Sep 10, 2001
    One time, three men, a fat guy, a rich guy, and a gay guy, died and went to hell. They wanted to get back to the living world, so they made a deal with the devil.

    "Okay," the devil said. "If you can go 24 hours in the living world without the one thing you desire most, then you may live again."

    So, for 24 hours, the fat guy had to go without food, the rich guy without money, and the gay guy without... well, you know what.

    So, they are all walking along, when the fat guy sees a McDonalds. He tries to resist the urge, but he couldn't. So he went in, ate a bunch of food, and -Poof- he's gone.

    Now the gay guy and the rich guy are walking along, and the rich guy sees a 100$ bill just lying in the gutter.

    He bends over to pick it up and -Poof- he and the gay guy are gone.