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This is pretty cool

  1. You couldn’t do that today.

    you would trigger one of the entitled black athletes that holds his nose in the USA long enough to collect a huge check
  2. That's awesome!
  3. NICE
  4. That is awesome, love it! The athletes would scream BLM though and demand the black national anthem. Just what is the black national anthem anyways? Still haven't heard it, who wrote it and back story?
  5. That's indeed cool!!
  6. would love to buy it and hang it in my new home...wonder what he did with it??
  7. I had no idea what he was doing until the end. Very cool.
  8. Now that is art.
  9. I'm offended. . .

    Who can I sue?
  10. Amazing!
  11. I won't lie.....I got teary-eyed. I knew it was a picture to be revealed at another angle, but that was beautiful. Well done, and thank you for posting.
  12. Yeah, I got a little choked up too, that's why I posted it.

    The country I grew up in seems to be slipping away, and this kind of demonstration of patriotism gets to me more than ever before.
  13. This. Well said.