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This is just sad

  1. You reap what you sow.
  2. Keeping the schools closed down is purely political.

    The anti-police movement is likewise.
  3. Hoisted by their own petard. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: These idiots called the tune, now the check is due.
  4. So a school principal dressed in a S&M outfit (?) angry about a kid killed. One: Why was he there? Participating in a riot? Two: Was he killed by a rioter, a gang member or did those rascally, racist police track him down and murder him for no reason?
  5. Every single “principal” listed with “D” after their name. That’s “D” as in “dysfunctional.” Memo to all U.S. employers: Do not hire graduates of Minneapolis schools as those sad students did not receive an education. Memo to U.S. colleges: Do not admit graduates of Minneapolis schools as they did not receive an education. Sadly predictable for the “D” level folks but great for NON-Minneapolis kids who will get college admits and jobs. THANK YOU Minneapolis!
  6. She's swallowing the red pill. Comments under the video are good.
  7. My comment lasted about 10 seconds. Maybe because I referred to the person in the video as "it".

    I wonder what happened to the deceased.
  8. Ok, people talk for the sake of talking. They just keep droning on. Did a black kid shoot a black kid? Is that what happened?
  9. They stomp their feet like angry children wanting what they want and when they get it they're mad because it's exactly what they wanted but they don't like it. Why not listen to people that know what's going on and then be part of the solution instead of the problem? Insane liberalism at it's finest.
  10. The rest of the story, Andre was working as a Republican campaign volunteer for Lacy Johnson, who is running against Ilhan Omar. He and an adult campaign worker were shot and only Andre died.

    Seems like thinking for yourself can be especially dangerous in the hood.

    He was a Republican campaign volunteer for the candidate running against Ilhan Omar for Congress. Two Republican workers were shot. I'm still waiting for the shooter's Muslim name.

    Authorities arrested a suspect Thursday in the shooting death of a 17-year-old in Minneapolis after he fled police the wrong way on a freeway, then drove through suburban yards and crashed.
    . . .
    An officer first spotted the suspect’s car near N. 7th Street and N. Lyndale Avenue before it fled into downtown, where a gun and cellphone were thrown out the window and later recovered by officers, according to emergency dispatch audio.
    . . .
    Conley was entering his senior year at Minneapolis Patrick Henry High School. He recently worked for Republican congressional candidate Lacy Johnson, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

    The teen was standing with others in the parking lot of the Super USA when a green truck pulled up and gunfire erupted, witnesses reported.

    Another man at the scene suffered noncritical gunshot wounds. He also worked for Johnson. The shooting did not occur during campaign activities, a statement from Johnson’s campaign said.
  11. It is political, but it's also more than that.

    This isn't just Red vs Blue politics anymore. This is a legitimate and sustained attempt to subvert the government and create conditions favorable for an overthrow of our government by Marxists and Communists. I know that sounds extreme, but it's the truth. Getting rid of the police and disarming the populace is just the beginning for these people.

    They hate our way of life so bad that they want to destroy the greatest, but an admittedly flawed, system of government that ever existed and they don't care about the consequences. They don't comprehend that their "revolution" would totally devalue the dollar and destroy trillions of dollars in wealth, leaving America irrevocably broken.

    What they envision in its place in unattainable and will bring nothing but misery and death. These people need to be imprisoned for life or executed for being the seditious traitors that they are.
  12. Those names with a D following them are the City Council members, the ones who unanimously voted to defund the police.
    The slain young man could have been innocently hanging out, on his way home or just plain hanging out. Don't always assume nefarious behavior. I don't know the facts of the killing.
    We had a promising HS student killed on his front porch by the step-son of a neighbor who had an argument with the kid's father. Junior Jackass stood on the sidewalk and fired into the porch of HS kids. Fortunately karma train caught up with the neighbor a year or so later.
  13. "You know why we are here, you know why we are here."

    NO, I DON"T. Get to the point and tell me already.
    This is why I hate watching You Tube videos.

    She was rambling on and on, so I didn't finish watching.
  14. Thanks Bren.
  15. I agree 100 percent.

    The Covid "crisis" and mask wearing are also a part of this plot, but few actually see that.