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This doesn't bode well for Joe Biden

  1. Ukrainian Law Enforcement Arrest Suspect, Seize $6 Million Cash Allegedly Used To Force End To Investigations Into Burisma And Hunter Biden

    "This evening Ukrainian investigators seized $6 million in cash and arrests were made in an alleged bribe to Ukrainian prosecutors to halt investigations into the Burisma group of companies and involvement with Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, CDMedia has learned. The bribes were allegedly to the Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and the Office of the Special Prosecutor (SAP). This information was posted on official NABU social media. We are told the operation had been under way for 2 weeks and is still ongoing. The images are two hours old.


    Press reports describe how an official of the previous Poroshenko government, which was tied to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, tried to give the bribe. Reports are the person behind the act is Nikolai Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma. The man arrested allegedly was his right hand in the Ukrainian government – a former high-level official in the Department of Financial Services of Kyiv.

    A bribe was allegedly given for making a decision to close the case against an official who had previously been suspected under part 5 of article 191, part 3 of article 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Seized 6 million dollars, read local press reports.

    The case mentions a representative of Zlochevsky by the name of Kich.

    At 18.40, Nabu blocked two cars at the exit from the parking of the traffic police in Kyiv, one of the cars belongs to Nikolai Viktorovich Ilyashenko, deputy chief of the traffic police.

    $6 million was found in the car, which he carried to NABU for closing the criminal proceedings for the Burisma company, in which Hunter Biden worked.

    While the searches are ongoing, we can only guess who was given such money and who claimed that “there is nothing to do [nothing to investigate[.

    And is Artyom Sytnik the recipient of money?

    MP Dubinsky in a telegram channel said that Zlochevsky transferred the money for closing the Burisma case."


  2. Was Joe's picture on the bills?
  3. That would have made it funny money.
  4. Wait wait wait.....you mean the fact that Trump asked them to look into this was legit??! Does this mean we now have proof the “impeachment” was a hoax too?! When can we levy charges against Schiff and Nancy for the coup they attempted to pull??
  5. MSM will bury this deeper than the wreck of the Titanic.
  6. I don't think it would pass the sniff test.
  7. I C what you did there.

  8. Never. They're 1) politicians, 2) democrats. Same as obama but they are above the 'special' laws everybody says no one is above.
  9. You tax dollars* hard at work.

    *foriegn "aid".
  10. Just imagine if it were Eric Trump who was being investigated. It would be 24/7 coverage. Front page of NYT. Instead, it will be “unsubstantiated claims” buried in a story in section 3, page 17.

    If you want the real truth, you have to dig to find it. The truth is never revealed, never told to you in a Tweet. It’s a process, it takes time. It’s there, if you want it badly enough.
  11. Nothing gets by you. [emoji846]

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  12. Or sleepy money.
  13. How reliable is this source? It seems it all goes back to obozrevatel.com.
  14. Somebody wake Joe, and tell him the campaign that had him so confused is finally over.
  15. Follow the money.
  16. Or " dementia dollars"..
  17. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeees, ..................................... but the Titanic has been found, well photographed and explored!

    The truth will come out eventually!
  18. They still found the wreck of the Titanic, didn't they?
  19. Biden and his son Hunter are sickos. Wipe their feet on the flag for money.
  20. I bet his fingerprints are ;)
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  22. News confirmed, this is from FNC's Greg Jarett:



    "Ukrainian prosecutors say they have “intercepted a multimillion-dollar bribe intended to be used in an effort to stop a criminal investigation into the founder of Burisma Holdings” reported the Washington Examiner.

    In a display of grand theatrics, Ukrainian authorities placed a pile of a reported $6 million in U.S. dollars inside clear plastic bags at a news conference. The press conference took place in Kyiv over the weekend, during which officials said the money was sent to government officials as a bribe hoping to stop the criminal investigation into Burisma’s founder, Mykola Zlochevsky.

    Zlochevsky is also the former minister of ecology who had been suspected of using his government position for personal gain; similar to his Biden buddies. Ukrainian prosecutor investigating corruption Nazar Kholodnytsky, and the head of Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau, Artem Sytnik announced “three people, including a top taxation service official, were arrested in connection with the bribe. Neither of the Bidens was involved, according to Kholodnitsky.”

    Imagine the Demsheviks' panic attacks and disarray if they nominate Biden, then a day or two later he and his son Hunter are named defendants in a criminal complaint by the Ukrainian anti-corruption prosecutors.