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"This Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Could Be First With A 9-Second Pass: Video"

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    `Only a week ago we saw what may just be one of the quickest 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcats around, with the car—and its female owner—completing the quarter mile in a time of 10.67 seconds. We now have video of a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat that’s even quicker—a lot quicker.

    In this video from YouTube user Ross Kirkendoll, a Challenger SRT Hellcat completes a pass in just 10.03 seconds at 140 mph. That’s an incredible time considering the stock version complete with 707 horsepower needs 10.8 seconds to achieve the same feat when equipped with drag radials (11.2 seconds with ordinary road tires)


  2. Was that a Monte Carlo getting beat?
  3. I was thinking a Grand National.
  4. The Hellcats continue to deliver.
  5. That engine is strong enough to take a LOT more power than what's offered by the factory. IDK what mods were done on that particular vehicle, but I have to think some weight saving measures were done, along with extra power to get that ET. Now, if you could only get one! Dodge had to cancel 900 orders for 2015 and promised to double production for next year. I plan on being on the list, providing I get one at MSRP. There are a few dealers out there that don't jack up the price. The Hellcat is one sweet ride!
  6. In the good olde days [:supergrin:] I would have been happy enough with an 11 second street car, and it would have taken plenty of modifications to achieve that with a late '60's - early 70's factory ride. Now days, and if I remember correctly, the stock factory original Hellcat is capable of that. But, I still want that without all the computer bull****.

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  7. Yeah, we are in the new golden age of muscle cars. It's mind blowing the amount of horsepower that is coming out of the factory nowadays. That Hellcat is beastly, I wonder what mods were done to it. I'm sure they will dipping into the 9's very soon. They do need some serious weight reduction, those cars are too heavy.

    How about a 9 second Z06 with just some bolt-ons, porting of the supercharger, tuning, and drag radials:


  8. On this one...
    "50 shot, pulley, CAI, meth and 28" slicks on 17s. Everything else stock."

  9. ******************************************
    Worlds first 2015 C7 Z06 in the 9's! ******BOLT ON'S ONLY******

    9.87 @ 138mph


    "This week we added our Fasterproms custom 2.31 pulley and ported the blower. Headed back to the track tonight and had awesome results. We are still working out a few bugs and testing the limits of the fuel system. Dropped a couple of MPH in 3rd and 4th gear, she should run 142/143. Jeremys first pass he ran 140mph shutting down at 1100ft.

    List of Mods-
    - Fasterproms custom tune by Jeremy Formato
    - Fasterproms custom 2.31 pulley
    - Fasterproms Ported Supercharger
    - Modified air box, and air duct with modified AFE CAI
    - Fasterproms Thermal reduction plates That reduce blower heat soak
    - Fasterproms Flex fuel kit- This is a flex fuel sensor that we make to allow us to run on blended e85/pump gas
    - Fasterproms 1.5Gal Expansion tank tank for greater supercharge coolant capacity
    - ARH 1.875 headers
    - Hoosier 315/30/18 dr's
  10. I have to guess that there were some of the older cars I saw at the Don Garlits museum that were 9 second cars. But they were not exactly stock.
  11. back in 90 ties , i had my 89 lx 5.0 running low 10's at the rock . factory motor , 373 gears ,paxton supercharger , and 250 shot of noz on slicks . still got the car , but its been in my shop for long time , i need to go thru and replace everything .

    i only got 2 passes down track , then i was stopped again at staging lane and asked to pop the hood . was told i could only have 1 power adder and under 11 seconds i needed roll bars .

    i was running the mustang shoot out
  12. I want one but its a pipe dream.. some day..:car:
  13. If you get one, you will be like the parent with the only pool a neighborhood of kids :)
  14. Lag in his reaction time, is that the launch control at work
  15. Single car pass, probably just concentrating on best ET so reaction time is moot.
  16. No launch control on that pass according to the comments. It did say he disconnected the rear sway bar to allow it to squat like that. Reaction time is moot, he was just going for a fast pass.
  17. ROTHFLMAO.... video of the idiot driving the corvette, DOUCH BAG, sleeping at the light
    And dosent have a clue how to shift it either...DUHHHH
  18. I'll never understand drag-racing.

    How utterly boring.
  19. Says the guy with the solid axle Mustang. ( and yes I know about the Car and Driver M3 vs. Mustang ).
  20. Too true......too true.

    Sadly, I just read something about 2 buddies going to a track-day, one in a 2013 GT500, and the other in a 2015 GT Performance Pack.

    And the 2015 (IRS) was waaaay better around the road course than the GT500.

    So, I guess the IRS does actually work well. I was hoping to not be tempted into another new Mustang.
  21. I'll be getting another one this summer. 2016 Black, 6 speed, GT. This is the longest I've gone without a Mustang (2 years) and I'm feeling the itch. I hated the look of the latest redesign at first. Then it started growing on me. Now I love it.
  22. I'd highly suggest the Performance Pack. It transforms the car.

    A standard GT is a very soft GT car. A PP car is at least closer to a sports coupe.
  23. For some reason, a link to this thread ended up in my email today. Coincidentally enough, I just got back from the Dodge dealer after ordering another Challenger SRT in Go Mango with 8 spd auto. Hellcats can now be had in my area for MSRP, but the deal I got on an SRT was still $22K lower. I just can't justify spending $72,000 on a car. I'm glad others can, otherwise the Hellcat would never have been developed!
  24. Damnit.....now I'm looking at my local dealer's stock of PP 5.0s.
  25. I for got the reason I clicked on this thread. I got to ride in my cousins Hellcat. It was boring though. He's scared of it. The exhaust note was nice though.
  26. Do you track your mustang?
  27. "Track"????

    I'm considering taking it to a Friday At The Track (road course) some time, but haven't yet.
  28. Of course you don't understand it, you know nothing about it and have never done it. It is pretty boring in a car as slow as yours.

    I don't understand paying extra for a performance pack option, but never taking that car to a track.
  29. You really might want to wait. The 2018 GT500 is going to be a monster. I am holding out another year for one and as soon as I can order it I will.