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This ammo okay for a Glock barrel?

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The tests for the ballistics on it seem to have been done on Glocks and the reviews mention Glock 20's.. but is the second part, the lead ball, cause for concern when fired through a Glock with the factory barrel installed?

Seems like a pretty interesting concept.
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I will guess on this until the ammo pro's show up.

I am thinking the ball is smaller in diameter than the JHP, SOOOO it would not foul the barrel. PURELY A GUESS.....:wavey:

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almost any ammo is now OK for a Glock Bbl...not that they have beefed them op somewhat, especially 40 cal Glocks,double tap makes some of the best ammo,but may be a little difficult in the recoil dept, especially in 40 cam and 10 mm....IMHO
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