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Third range day 19x....

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I had my 19x out yesterday and today both days shooting over 100 rounds of wally world Winchester, some Remington 115 grain and also hydro shock 124 and NATO 124 grain fmj.
All I can say is this 19x runs great and accuracy is right on!! Love the grip and have been carrying it for a week now in my alien gear rig with no problems.
I have 3 other glocks and have no regrets on the 19x. Notice the heart shaped hole I shot out for ya!! Gun Trigger
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One question on ammo please: What are your thoughts on pro’s and cons of shooting 9mm aluminum in Glocks? Is it dirty...does it cause damage in any way...? (All I know for sure so far is it’s a little cheaper than brass and the guys at the range who collect the shells probably get tired of having to pick those out of the bucket at the end of the day)
I shot 100 of them yesterday with no misfires and my accuracy was like it always is.... meaning I am comfortable I could shoot someone Shaquille O’Neals size from 20 feet.
I’ve shot probably 1000 rounds of the federal aluminum ammo from Wally World in 9mm and .45 and never had an issue. It seems cleaner to me than Winchester white box (federal seems to shoot cleaner across the board in 9mm, .45 and 12ga) and I’ve not noticed a difference between that and the federal brass.
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