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Third range day 19x....

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I had my 19x out yesterday and today both days shooting over 100 rounds of wally world Winchester, some Remington 115 grain and also hydro shock 124 and NATO 124 grain fmj.
All I can say is this 19x runs great and accuracy is right on!! Love the grip and have been carrying it for a week now in my alien gear rig with no problems.
I have 3 other glocks and have no regrets on the 19x. Notice the heart shaped hole I shot out for ya!! Gun Trigger
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I’ve got a G19 Gen 4 as my current favorite and have been trying to ignore the 19X telling myself it’s just the same gun with a few tweaks and I could keep my money for more frivolous things....
I'll say that the 19x trigger is leaps and bounds better feeling than the 19G4 that I have. Also, and this may be my imagination, but the grip size (the girth) seems smaller to my hands. Have not bothered to measure it.

I also removed my lanyard holder and replaced it with a Vickers Gen4 plug, which fits perfectly and in FDE almost matches the 19x color.

For me, it will only get better when this gun comes with a manual safety and an optics plate. Yes, I know, a manual safety is a controversial subject, but as an old, long time 1911 user, I like them.

FWIW, not having ever owned a G17, I was concerned about printing in my IWB holsters. Needless concern, at least with the flat bottom mag. Just as concealable as any 19 I've had.
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