Hi all, thinning my collection & selling the items listed below. Everything is new still sealed except for Strafe. Prices are plus shipping. I am only going to ship to the USA & Canada. No exceptions. Paypal or Venmo accepted.

WWF Jake The Snake $10

Transformers -

Megatron 1st Transformers movie Studio Series $59

Megatron dark of the moon Studio Series $59

Starscream revenge of the fallen Studio Series $49

Megatron the last knight Premier $59

Grimlock the last knight Premier $39

bumblebee Studio Series 74 revenge of the fallen $29

grindor & ravage studio series 73 revenge of the fallen $59

sideswipe studio series 78 revenge of the fallen $29

jazz studio series 86 transformers the movie $25

Dinobot Slug Premier $39

crosshairs Premier $29

optimus prime Studio Series SS-02 Voyager (Premium Finish) $59

Ratchet Studio Series SS-04 Deluxe Ratchet (Premium Finish) $39

bumblebee Studio Series 87 Deluxe $29

sideways Studio Series 88 Deluxe $25

Barricade Studio Series 53 Voyager Revenge of The Fallen $35

Strafe $15

GI Joe -

Mobile Battle Bunker vehicle complete $39

Havoc 1986 vehicle complete $49

Talking Cobra Commander 1990 (loose) $10

Thinning out my NECA collection as well. ….

freddy krueger nightmare on elm street $20

Jungle hunter Predator $20

Ahab ultimate predator $20

ultimate Alien $20

Thermal vision fugitive predator $15

Rodan from Godzilla $20

Mothra from Godzilla $20

T-1000 from Terminator 2 $20

Alien xenomorph warrior $10