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Thinking about a minus connector for my 2nd gen Glock 22??

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OK I haven't handled a modified Glock before but over the years the Ghost Rocket has been a popular upgrade for many others. I was gonna get a new trigger but didn't want to mess with the reliability of my gun. I know a lot will tell me to just get the Glock minus connector. For longer shot six slight my lighter trigger pull will benefit me. This is my concealed carry gun so it must go bang evert time. Anybody have a Ghost Rocket in their Glock?? How was the improvement?? Thanks
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It's only a fool who uses aftermarket garbage in a Glock that has any serious self-defense.

The Glock MINUS connector will give an otherwise stock pre-Gen4 Glock a peak trigger pull of about 4.5-lbf. That's good enough. They don't do a post-shoot points-earned tally on your adversary, as much as many of the aftermarket crowd would have you believe.
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