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Thinkin of selling off some of my ammo stash.

  1. Curious what 9mm JHP, 9mm FMJ, and last 22LR should bring for fast sale?

    Boxes of 50, and 100 rounds.
  2. Why sell?
  3. As much as you can get.
  4. I’m tempted to unload for a big profit.

    Its the folks that shoot a box of 50 a month that hoard LOL
  5. Unload and gouge the liberal ‘no one needs a gun’ crowd who now complain they can’t find ammo.
  6. OP, has would you sell it? Face to face?

    The USPS, FedEx and UPS normally don't allow individuals to ship ORM-D ammunition without special labeling and there have been instances where they deny an individual the ability to ship thru them unless they can show special training, certification and packaging standards usually associated with retailers.
  7. I sold off some of my 22 and 9mm ammo as well. I have more than enough 9mm to get me through three years at an above normal practice pace, and enough 22 for life.All was to friends so I did not gouge.

    I have basically two “stashes” practice stuff, and quality defensive ammo. The second stock is much smaller ( my hearts not going to make it long enough to need 1,000 rounds of Hornady Tap 5.56), but stored and not for sale.
  8. Good luck. Stores, even pawn shops, usually won't buy it. If you run ads, lots of people will be interested in wasting your time.

    Just before this hit I bought 1000rds of Winchester 9mm "service grade." It's good enough range plinkie-plink. Didn't need it, but anyone could see what was coming. Two boxes of 500 ... if I could turn 150%-200% on my money easily, I'd probably do it. But I expect the hassle would bring my profit margin down pretty low, if time and irritation is considered.
  9. I ship ammunition through UPS frequently, as a citizen person. The guy at the counter even told me I don't have to draw the square symbol, he has ORM-D stickers to put on the boxes, now. This is the actual place doing the shipping, not an independent "UPS Store".
  10. To the OP, I've bought and sold ammunition, holsters, etc, on this forum and others. It's a good way to move some money around and get to know some forum members. I recently listed a bunch of ammo packages on another forum, for reasonable prices, to free up some funds and help those who may not have been prepared. Since it's a large list, I only put it for sale on one place, at a time. If I'm just listing a holster or other singular item, I might cross post it.
  11. I ship ammo via UPS all the time. Never had an issue.

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  12. Auction house like this can bring a good price, I have seen people pay insane prices for ammo but thats a win win for each party. I frequently buy stuff here, they will ship but not sure on ammo??
    This is the current weekly auction, ends on Monday evening.......

  13. Probably because ammo is worth more than guns right now. I have tens of thousands of rounds of ammo and I think I saw somebody on GT sell 150 rounds of 9mm FMJ - half of what my wife blazes through shooting the plate rack on a typical range day - for $250.

    Unfortunately, a lot of my ammo is match grade pistol ammo issued by the Army, so I can't really sell it.
  14. Don’t be silly. You may need the ammo after November 3.
  15. Glock O

    where do you live?
  16. Never had trouble shipping ORM-D as long as it was properly packaged and labeled.
  17. For crying out loud, BLM and Antifa is burning down towns and causing mayhem....... Nit picking about whether ammo that was issued to somebody and now saying it is stolen would never make my list of current concerns. Hell I know of a guy who has been ISSUED 55 gallon drums of ammo, he tests full auto weapons and suppressors for both military and manufactures. He uses it for all types of shooting, testing, recreational and personal use. Does that make him a thief? There are much bigger fish to fry these days then this and I am sure Bren knows what side of the fence he is on.
  18. Thread cleaned-up.


    - Don't offer to buy or sell ANYTHING in the discussion forum(s) of Glock Talk. Buying/selling/trading talk is only allowed in GT's Classified area forums.
    This forum is a discussion forum.

    - Don't accuse people of theft if you don't know what you're talking about.

    - Don't make assumptions on how the military works based on non-military information.


    The End.

  19. C'mpn.... some of you are saying that it isn't possible to ship ammo. Take note that I never said that, if you would go back and read my post again. See Post #7

  20. I think selling ammo or primers is a bit premature. We have no idea what is up ahead. It is totally possible, not likely but possible, that Obiden wins & we lose the Senate to the left. Now we get bans, restrictions, addl taxes, more shortages. Nope, I am keeping my surplus.
  21. I have shipped ammo many times. Just down load the ormd stickers & put them on the box per directions. Its just not cheap to do.