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    Jan 2, 2017
    Not trying to lecture other firearms owners, but trying to establish a conversation.

    At present there is a lot of "water cooler talk" going on about whether to register or not to register and what it all might mean.

    Based on the broad scope of what they are asking the registrant to provide, I'd advise against. It's almost as if they're hoping the gun owner will self-incriminate for later prosecution.

    The simplest way to avoid registration and remain legal is to make a few cosmetic changes to the rifle yet it is STILL every bit as much the AR it was before. The advantage to cosmetic redesign is one can have a fully detachable magazine.

    Just're Mini-14 owning brothers are currently enjoying detachable mags sans bullet buttons.

    My favorite is my Inland New Manufacture M1 Carbine....sleek, slim, light, detachable box with NO BULLET BUTTON!

    To me this is the safest approach.