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They're just freezing and murdering the children that Americans won't

  1. :upeyes: Big surprise.


    Two people accused of murder in the death of a 9-year-old boy appeared in court this morning.

    The hearing was brief. Both suspects showed no emotion as they heard the charges against them.

    Pedro Gaucin-Canales and 19-year-old Rebecca Hernandez-Velasco appeared in court by video from the Salt Lake County Jail.
    Both of them had Spanish-speaking interpreters.

    The two are charged in the death of Hernandez-Velasquez's brother, 9-year-old Josue Contreras-Velasco.

    Hernandez-Velasco's attorney says what happened was tragedy only made worse because his client was overcharged. Steven Shapiro said, "This seems as if what's been reported so far and what's come out so far has been accurate, seems like the case is no better than a child abuse homicide, not a first-degree as it's been charged."

    Shapiro says the difference in the charges is the intent. He says his client did not intend to murder her brother.

    Prosecutors have charged the two with murder.

    According to charging documents, Gaucin-Canales, a family friend, forced the boy to get into a large garbage can, naked, while his sister went to get several buckets of ice and cold water.

    The boy was forced to stay in the water for 45 minutes as a disciplinary measure.

    Josue was dead when emergency crews got to "The Melting Pot" restaurant, where both suspects worked.

    The judge appointed Gaucin-Canales an attorney today. Both will be back in court next week.


    Just add them to the long list.
  2. You hater!!!

    How about the biker that was hit by the red Lumina? I don't know if the suspect is illegal or not but the way they avoid saying anything about him makes me suspect that he is.

    Joaquin Estrada-Orsino charged with, among other things, driving without a license. Let see, 1 + 1 = I'm a hate monger for suspecting this is yet another person killed/almost killed by an illegal. At least he didn't run for Mexico.

    Monday morning, first thing, I heard one news report that said the suspect was described as Hispanic. Every other news report, about 15 million, said nothing about a driver description.
  3. Hadn't heard that, but not surprised.