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These Proceedings on TV

  1. I will NOT watch that ridiculous clown show. It's bad enough having to see/hear clips on the news. I truly believe I've lost IQ points watching the clips and that I would be a complete mental case if forced to watch the whole thing!!!

    Adam Schiff just makes me annoyed and Schumer makes me wanna break something. Pelosi? Well, glad I don't have a pet ....

    OMG: Schiff is talking and even with the sound OFF I think I've lost at least 5 points already!
  2. I live the proceedings vicariously through my wife, who somehow has the tolerance to listen to it on her earbuds. She then calls or texts me intermittently to go off on a tirade when she has reached the boiling point. :rofl:

  3. I watch the highlights on Fox. Couldn't stand to watch the Dems. Make fools of themselves.
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  5. I’ll say this. Schiff is about as low-down as they come. He knows there are no objections or interruptions so if you listen, you will hear him swap words as he quotes testimony...

    At one point, while quoting one of the here-say witnesses, the witness on tape says: “I was told not to interfere with American Policy.” Schiff, then repeats the quote but substitutes “Policy” with “Politics.” -Doesn’t sound like much, but in context, it means a great deal.

    He does this repeatedly. This is why he carefully reads the text from his large binder, verbatim. His speech was THAT well-prepared and with DIABOLICAL intent.

    He is truly a POS of the highest order!
  6. She must be a strong woman. I even considered suggesting making convicted felons watch it for a few days as a sentence!
  7. And the thing is, he's been lying since day one! It's been acknowledged, he's admitted his "parody" but he continues. Aren't there legal issues for lying to the "court". ALL of them are full of it.
  8. I hope Trump's lawyers come back and throw the "overwhelming evidence of Russian collusion" and his "parody" of the Ukraine phone call out there to show he is and forever will be nothing but a liar. It's unbelievable he is part of our government.
  9. 64B40804-232C-4AB4-80DC-D81A22CB0D7D.jpeg Listening to him is enough to give you a nosebleed.
  10. It is a little known fact; years ago, Congress voted themselves "Exempt" from any charges of perjury or any subsequent civil crimes, for lying while on the floor of Congress...I know this sounds like I made it up, but it is fact...absolutely NO consequences for lying while on the floor of Congress...The Founding Fathers would tell us to rectify that situation at the polls...I pray we do
  11. Hence, the term, "Piece of Schiff" has entered our popular vernacular. :)

  12. I don't know anyone who claims to be watching that farce.
  13. He’s the original SchiffFerBrains
  14. I never even considered watching it...just a nauseating and painful way to increase the blood pressure...
  15. I did it for the House fiasco, can't do it again.

  16. The people of Burbank, CA must be proud.
  17. I can’t even watch Schiff because he straight up creeps me the **** out.

    Psycho eyes like a damn cult leader.
  18. I watched a fair amount of the opening arguments. The Dem managers are just repeating the same speculations over and over. Schiff continues to lie about Russian collusion as well. I couldn’t stomach anymore.
  19. My wife is pissed because CBS is preempting her soap operas to show this crap instead.
  20. I havn't watched a minute of it and I'm somewhat Politically astute. I figured out what happened long ago. Trump asked the guy to look into Biden's shenanigan's because nobody else would, as he should have because the Kid is a POS trading off of Daddy's name. The old man is a screwball too, just another Politician who ends up a millionaire.

    Technically Trump shouldn't have done it but nothing happened, the Ukraine got OUR money and OUR arms anyway and the Ukraine President himself says he didn't feel compelled.

    Its all a big nothing that Pelosi is trying to drag out and turn into a live soap opera. Clintons impeachment was clear cut. There is no doubt he Lied in a court of Law but look at the old hags in the Democrat party back then, who are still in power, and wonder where their high morals were then. https://www.businessinsider.com/cur...-or-will-we-dodge-weave-and-evade-the-truth-5

    When I saw Pelosi dressed in Black looking like Emperor Palpatine talking about saving civilization last month I just tuned out. This giant turd's entire district is in San Francisco and last I heard that sewer has far more important things on their agenda then a coup. Then again its a city filled with aoftball's so maybe they dont mind going down the sewer.
  21. LOL

    It was over 232 years ago and it has been a known fact since then. The Founding fathers put it in the US Constitution:

    Article 1, Section 6 of the Constitution

    1: ... They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.
  22. My wife has been glued to the TV. I keep telling her that the prosecution always comes first. Just wait for the defense. ‘Nuff said.
  23. I have not watched a second of this Democrat campaign hit job but have seen snippets of the morons pontificating via news clips. It is even worse than I expected it to be. The Republicans should use their 3 days to shovel the Dem BS into a dumpster, set it on fire, and take an immediate vote to acquit.
  24. I like this quote from Proverbs

    Proverbs 18:17
    17 In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right,
    until someone comes forward and cross-examines.
  25. The first to speak in court sounds right— until the cross-examination begins. NLT
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  27. Woah Nellie, I could have went for days without seeing that. Now I can’t unsee it.

  28. Congress also exempted themselves from insider trading restrictions on the stock market.
  29. you see it every time you glance at a news station on TV; and have been for the past 3 1/2 years...
  30. I can't watch any of the reporting. I keep track on Fox web site and National Review. Right now, it's like watching reruns where you know the plot and the only changes are who's doing the same thing. The only twists are the knots in Dem's skivvies.
  31. Or stupid to keep re-electing that POS.
  32. Have you seen comedian Tom Shillue do his impersonation of Schiff? Besides being hilarious he really looks like him with some makeup. Scary but funny. He does it on the "Greg Gutfeld Show" on Fox.
  33. I refuse to listen to liberal yapping.
  34. FF to 2:28

    View: https://youtu.be/3wKEnKoc1x8
  35. What is getting to me is the way Schiff and the others keep referring to Trump's "drug deal". I guess that came from Bolton, but they are using it to give another "crime" air time for the brainless masses.
  36. I’m not watching it.
  37. I am not watching any of this. But I heard that the dems are just rehashing everything from the house impeachment.

    I thought this was was supposed to be a trial. Never heard of a trial where there were allowed opening "arguments". It is opening statements. It is where the attorneys give the jury a road map of the evidence they intend to present. They need to be careful not to disclose inadmissible evidence, because the jury will not trust an attorney who says the evidence will show that...; but, the evidence is not admitted.

    Then the evidence is presented, first by the plaintiff and then by the defendant. In a real trial, the evidence would have to be be admissible, according to the rules of evidence. IMO, there was very little admissible evidence during the house proceedings.

    I would reasonably believe that the senate trial would require adherence to the Federal Rules of Evidence. After the plaintiff dems submit their Admissible evidence, it would be clearly demonstrated the there is no evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, or for that matter, any wrongdoing on the part of President Trump. The defense would not need to provide any evidence; but could then move for non-suit, and President Trump would rightfully be acquitted.

    But then again, impeachment is a purely political process, and the rules firmly entrenched in the Constitution and just plain old common sense and basic principles of justice may not apply.

    This circus needs to end now :steamed:. Of course, the dems may come up with another entirely different impeachment. President Trump can then wear impeachment as a badge of honor. After all, it is a badge of honor that a President is doing so many things adverse to the dem agenda. Thank God they don't have a 2/3 majority in the senate.
  38. It isn't a trial. It's a Commie Dem/media bull**** made for TV pile of garbage.
  39. Schif No Stinking Witnesses.jpg
  40. I record the Tucker Carlson show. That way commercials, annoying clips and guests I can't stand (Richard Goodstein for one) can be FF to see the good (if any...) parts.
  41. There are two leftist chrome-domes who are instant channel-changers for me. Goodstein is one, and I can't think of the other one's name.

    They delight in sucking up brain cells and puking them out.

  42. Dems get all week to spew lies to the fawning MSM and the President's team gets the weekend when no one is watching? I thought this was the Senate are we were running things now?
  43. I feel like it's a version of the movie Groundhog Day.

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  44. Tucker Carlson refered to the Schiff show as " the drying paint watch" and will provide updates on his show.
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  46. No one was watching on weekdays either.
  47. :)

  48. I decided to watch the first day of the Trump defense today. Looks like in the first 45 minutes the entire Dem impeachment case has been shredded and the House managers outed as scum. I bet this whole thing will be over by the end of next week.

    Any American who believes the Dem BS (implying the voters are too stupid to be allowed to vote for Trump and the Senate Dems know best) is a fool.
  49. My wife and I have been watching it. It has struck us as a precise and methodical evisceration of everything the Dems have blathered on for the past three days. Hurling the words of Schiff and Sondland back in their faces in video clips has been, to use the mainstream media's tiresome word, "dazzling." :whistling: The Dems' lies of omission are particularly incriminating of their duplicity.

    "You can't have quid pro quo without the quo..." :rofl: